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Heart Valve Regurgation Anyone?

well, turns out I have a slightly leaky aortic valve, called mild aortic valve regurgitation...was freaked out at first, but the cardiologist told me not to worry about it, I could treat, whatever, it's mild..on the low scale...course I looked it up and the whole thing freaked me out, but there is many gradations of it, and I was told not to worry...by the time it does really do me any harm, IF it ever does, they'll have much better ways to treat it then valve replacement, etc...anyway....

I might not get any takers, but have any of you been diagnosed with this?
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Awwh, Foresee. Sorry to hear this, but I don't know anything about this. He just happened to notice this or were you feeling crumby?
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D*m, we have a lot in common...me too!
I have MVP for years and now in last heart sonogram, testing before tx found the same...slightly leaky aortic valve...but different valve (than the MVP).  I have the report and the exacts, just don't feel like getting up to get them :}
Was told about the same as you...mild,don't worry about it right now and tx-ing is fine with it.
I think the MVP add's to the heart palps. I get now on tx. tho.At 28 was told about the MVP, he put me on Endural (sp), I researched that (the hard way, no real computers back than) and said "oh h*ll no" so never did any meds for it. Have learned a lot of tricks to slow heart rate, stop irregular ones, etc.
An FYI for any with MVP.....anxiety and panic attacks are more common if you have this.
      Don't worry, something to deal with later, if needed. of course, keep it on the check up list.

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getting completely checked out (my hepatologist believes in sending you to every specialist there is for a clean bill of health, relatively speaking lol) and the echocardiagram picked it up, he said not to worry about too much , like I said...well, you can't win em all huh? So many people have so many worse things to deal with....not feeling my best for awhile now, but we're all so complicated, could be menopause, the hep, maybe this a bit, God knows...
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Well woman, youre going to be sorry you posted this, because I'll be sending ya emails, asking lotsa questions, lol....will trudge on through huh?
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I'm sorry to hear of this, but hopefully it will be years and years, and past the current monsters before this will be a big issue, I'd be tempted to say get a second though...just because my doc told me everything was nothing...which proved not to be the case....anyway one new symptom that will pass....that's what I tell myself with every little "new" thing these days.

at least there's lots more they know and can do about heart probs....far more than this dragon carp!

do you ever feel like it's something new every week...if not every day??  sheesh.

I can tell you this; you want to be real careful if you are having any heart issues how much sedative/painkiller type substance you take.
Keep in mind they are known to weaken the heart muscle as well as slow it down and neither is optimal. So judicious use only for many reasons.

then too I just learned (on TV of all places) that stress and grief can stretch out 2 heart chambers...and they can return to normal when the stress is passed. they've seen this with grieving and broken hearted people...so even the stress of this disease I would think would qualify for some difficulties heart wise....I mean the stress of disease alone, even if not advanced, much less if it is...and then the tx...
so maybe time may return to you full use of the tighter value.

I'd ask also a doc, does inactivity cause this...half the battle, my theory only mind you, is that the inactivity due to the symptoms of this disease only lead to more disease.
but then, I've watched every one of my hobbies and life's joys fall away due to this tiredness/pain/etc, so I may be predudiced. Still I think a return to activities like walking shopping whatever is best strived for as soon as possible.
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My husband had a heart attack 5 years ago and had 2 stints put in.  He also has a leaky aortic valve, which has not caused him any problems.  His heart doctor keeps a close eye on it, and tells him he can live many more years with a leaky valve.  If your cardiologist is not concerned, nor should you be.  Please, try not to worry about the leaky valve, you have enough to worry about.
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