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Heartburn and Meds

Ok folks, heres another brilliant question; any trouble with heartburn after taking the ribavirin, I have had it real bad the last few days. If so is it ok to take tums or something to keep it at bay.
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You don't want to take Tums, Mylanta, Gaviscon or any antacid within two hours of your ribavirin dose as it can impede riba absorption. If you're not taking the riba with a decent meal, preferably with at least a moderate amount of fat, you might try that.

If that doesn't work, ask your doctor about PPI's like Nexium, Prilosec, Aciphex, etc. They do not interfere with riba absorption. You could also ask about OTC H2 Pumps like Zantac (Ranitidine hydrochloride) -- either maxium or regular strength -- or Pepcid AC  However, you dont' want Pepcid Complete because it contains an antacid alongside the H2 inhibitor.

-- Jim
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You should not take antacids around the time you take Riba.  I had horrible problems with heartburn and acid reflux.  My NP gave me Nexium and it helped alot.

The person to ask is JimJim, he went through the same thing and knows tons about it.  Good luck.
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Thanks, I will go and get some Pepcid today, I see my doc next Thursday, I'll get a script then.
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I kinda like Pepcid myself and currently take Pepcid Complete now and then.

Of course what you want is Pepcid AC which doesn't have the antacid. It comes in both regular and maximum strength formula. (I think popping 2 regular is the same as one maxium strength but double check the box label or their web site:  http://tinyurl.com/h49ye

If Pepsid AC  works for you, then a PPI like Nexium might not be needed, but of course, discuss with your doctor. Unlike antacids, H-2 pumps like Pepcid do not work immediately, so give it several days or a week before deciding if it's making a difference.

Good luck!

-- Jim
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I do a heart smart liver smart smoothie every day that I love.
I use 1c.organic vanilla yogurt 1c. frozen organic berries( any kind you like), 2 scoops protein powder. You can add a bananna or any other fruit you like to it too. Blend it up and down the hatch. Use a good protein powder make sure it doesn't have added iron in it. I used to add flax seed also but on Tx was told to hold off on flax. You an add wheat germ or whole nuts to it for a cruncy nutty flavor, fresh nuts are also very good for you. This smoothie is good for you and high in antioxidants. It is great when you have no appetite and trouble getting solid foods down I have found.
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BTW you can still pop some antacids while taking the Pepsic, as long as you space it a couple of hours away from the riba. Some docs, however, discourage antacid dependency so do check with them. The nice thing about the antacids is they work right away.
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