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Hel c Blood on glove touches my hand

Recently i’ve a colleague who was taking finger blood sample from hep c patient. The gloves were stained by the blood as the blood was flowing out rapidly. I was assisting my colleague by handing the stationeries and plaster and the gloves with stained blood touched my hands while I was assisting.
I don’t feel and see any blood/fluid on my hand though or there is just a little that I can’t see but i researched that the virus still exist for some time in air. My hands have no open wound(when washing with water, there is no pain). I also touched my face.
After 15-20 minutes i then got to use wet alcohol wipes to clean my hands and washed using soap.

I want to understand if i’m at risk. I understand it is through blood to blood contact but i do read up otherwise.

Of course, this incident made me learn to be more careful.
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Hep c is not air borne. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.

Hep c is not easily contracted it is was many more than about 1% of the population would be infected.

Most common route of transmission is through blood transfusion prior to 1990 when hep c blood testing was developed and sharing of IV drug needles

Check out CDC FAQ for health care professionals

Zero risk
Thank you!
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