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Hello and well wishes from Jim

It's been awhile, but as I clicked on the site a few minutes ago I still see many familiar faces, and of course a lot of new ones.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and maybe catch up a little.

Honestly haven't thought much about Hep C since leaving here, but have thought about the many friends I made during what was probably the most difficult period of my life.

So how is everyone? Is GoofyDad still goofy? Is New York Girl still clobbering anyone who takes a nip? Is Rocker still pushing his supplements? Does Willing still think Telaprevir is too new to take seriously -- or maybe he was right cause I really am not up to date?

All the best,


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Hi Jim!!!! You have been missed old friend. It's so good to hear from you!!!!
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Good to see you and hope you are well.  Have your ears burned over last couple of years because there have been many good references to you in your absence.  

BTW, I will take note of adequate Riba dosage with my next treatment. :)

Take good care Jim,
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Well, Mr Jim; welcome back!How have you been; good to see you again. I figured you'd gotten a permanent job as a moth exterminator, and had gone national maybe :o).

Nice to see you around, old timer--

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Good to hear from you Jim. I was thinking of you just yesterday. It’s great that you moved on but don’t be a stranger.
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Hi Jim !

Good to hear from you. Hope life is treating you well. As you know you were one of the first people to give me advice. Not sure if I ever told you but you helped me through a tough time of my life. If not for you I would have jumped into TX but you were an advocate of waiting for new drugs. Because of this I never took the meds that I had. Instead I waited and ended up doing the Telaprevir study where everyone got the real drug.
Of course you gave me and others so much sound advice.
Thanks again and god bless
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Hello Jim
I would like to THANK YOU again for the many many hours of time and effort that you spent helping others with Hepc. On a site such as this there is good info and info that is not so great. I always found your info well researched and super accurate.

Thanks Again
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Hi Jim-

I heard good things about you.  A forum member mentioned your name the other day during our conversation.  Hope you are well :)
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It is great to see your name, and good to see that you sound well from your post.  Your absence is often noted, and the forum always was a better place for your insight, wisdom, and humor.  As many can (and do) say here, you were one of the "first responders" when I arrived, and I'll always remember that and thank you from my heart.  Best wishes always.
PS:  Your post caused me sudden flashbacks of:  "Watch!" "Wait!" "Jenna!" "Fishbones!" :)
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Hello again.  I hope you are well.  Rocker abruptly stopped posting a few months ago but towards the end he was extremely prolific.  Goofy is still around, he works the forum's third shift.  Given the fact that there is a new thread "Fingered The Vagina" it stands to reason tht Goof' will make his presence known soon.  He kind of has a sense for those kinds of threads.  It's like chum to a shark.
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Is that really you? ;) good to see you here again:)

I know I kept you up late Friday nights sometimes...but it
was in all fun.  I thank you.

I hope Jenna is not reading this? and how is she? :)

You've been missed
Hugs to you,
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I beat you Flguy ! :)
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I thought you went off and became a "master" bed maker.

You are sorely missed here and welcome back!!
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What a nice surprise! Ditto on all that's been said. Miss you much.

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Hello there jimbo, hope all has been well with you. And hey i finally got my SVR

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Hey Jim;

Good to see you. I think FL had dumped some false chum in my waters. I don't see no stinkin'  'gina thread.
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You answered one of my first posts and I was following your progress post SVR - so glad to see you again and hope everything is wonderful in your world...
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>haven't thought much about Hep C since leaving here
that's what we like to hear!  true  sign of a "cure" . Good to hear from you and hope all is well.  Remarkably little has changed around here. There was a recent outbreak of fingering cases. The proctologists were ahead of the gynecologists in posts but mh seems to have leveled the field. You know how proctologists are, get a  few drinks in those guys and no one is safe. Best to stay in your chair. And yeah,  tela is still going to save the world any day now, real soon, just around the corner, they promise.

Some of the more interesting changes in the hcv landscape have been improvements in genetic determinants and modeling - as enough  blood vials from past trials have accumulated in freezers around the world, it's now becoming possible to  get valid estimates of ifn responsiveness and svr odds as early as a couple of days into tx. So *finally* there is a reason to test early and often ... be well.
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Hi Jim. It's nice to see you. You have been missed around here. Your knowledge and balance has always been much appreciated.  
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Good to see you brother, we have often worried and pondered if you would come back and say hello to us once again.  Personally I thought you had taken Jenna on the scooter and were living happily ever after out in LA waiting for the next season of Idol to come on or perhaps that Jack had you terminated for knowing too many international secrets ;)

As for the forum aside from  the proctologist conventions as of late -things remain the same pretty much with the addition of some great new people (not the proctologists and OCD fishboners though).

As far as taking a nip I am now three and a half years SVR and I have been known to imbibe pretty well on occassion - however; I still believe whole heartidly that drinking on treatment is not such a smart idea. Each to his own without the riba fuel going on it's easier not to argue (most of the time).

Living in the post HCV world for so long.........things do change and a margarita with some delicious mexican food is just too hard to resist (or a beer at a Yankees game) ;)

Hope you are well. It was a nice surprise for the forum to see your name once again!

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What a nice surprise to see your name.  I totally miss you but I'm so glad you don't have to think about HCV...may we all join you soon.  I don't know that Teleprevir can save the world but I am at least hoping it can save some of us that have had to "think" about HCV, far too long.
Take care,
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Great to see your name, Jim, ditto what others have said.  You've been missed.

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nice to see old names pop up, it gives people a warm fuzzy.  May life's blessings be upon you, my friend. Teuf
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Hola, Jim!  Great to see you poppin' in...

All the best!

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Hi Jim

Wondered what happened to you, I only pop in here now and again too, and I was heartened to see your name up there again.
Hope you are well and living life, and happy.

You have always given 'sound' advice, and been there for so many people who are truly thankful.

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