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Help Labs are not getting better

I feel like I was just kicked in the gut!  The nurse from my GI called and pretty much indicated that if my labs didn't get better I would be taken off tx!. I'm in week 7 and have been in neupogen from wk 2-3. but my WBC is still low as well as RBCC, hemoglobin, hemacrit and platlets. I have not had a PCR (not till week 12).  I am GT1a.  I have been dreaming of life with SVR, and never really thought about not being able to finish tx.  I'm crushed, what is next?!?!?! Would this make me a nonresponder or what??
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I have been treating for 7 months.  The entire time low wbc, low rbc,  low everything but I am responding to the meds and I am geno 1a.  Just yesterday however docs called and want me to reduce my peg from 180 to 140 because my wbc is at 1.4 and my neutrofils are at .6.  I don't want to reduce!  Trying to convince doc to put me on Neutrogen to raise my neutrofils.  What are your numbers?
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My WBCis 2.1, and I am unsure how to read neutrophils. Mine show ABSOULUTE NEUTROPHILS 1170 L.  1500 7800 cells/uL Reference range. Whats the  difference between Neupogen and Neutrogen?  
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My wbc stayed at about 2.0 to 2.4 for months.  Just went down to 1.4  The drug for neutrogenia is Neupogen I think I misspelled.  I think the numbers on the tests are reported differently.  Maybe your neutrophils are 1.1 if mine are .6         Maybe my tests use a percentage.  Not sure.  Sorry about that.  Maybe someone else in this forum could answer our question!!!!!!
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Still misspelling.   I am not good at all this doctorin stuff
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I had to reduce my peg last Friday from 180 to 135.  ANC started to tank. (Absolute Neutrophils)  It went down to 600 and doc didn't want me to go any lower.  That was my 8th shot.  Monday it was back up to 700 and he didn't say continue with lower dosage so I might just go for it and shoot the 180.  Trying to get neupogen for a back up but I don't have any rx coverage so may be a problem.  The more aggresive liverheads don't worry too much about lower ANC and Platelets.  From everything I've read they don't even get concerned until ANC drops to around 300-350.  Doctors have different standards and mine treats with too much caution I think.  It just depends on what they consider the danger threshold to be.   By your numbers it doesn't appear you are low but I'm not sure if I'm reading them correctly.  Your about at the same week as myself and we don't want peg reductions this early in tx.  Chances of a 2 lg drop by wk 12 are diminished as well as achieving SVR.  But if doc thinks you need to come off for a while and you feel otherwise, seek out another doctor if possible.  Yes, you can try again at another time but if your like me I can't even think of having to go through this again right now.  Hang in there and argue with your doctor but just make sure you've got your facts straight and your ducks in a row.  
Good Luck
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Thanks for posting. You should do something about your treatment ASAP...

You had a VL taken before you started treatment. Yes? Good.
But no VL after week 4??? How are you suppose to know how you are responding to tx?
You could have cleared the virus (RVR) and not know it!
A "non responder"? You can't know how you have responded to tx because you haven't had a HCV RNA test while on tx!

Don't be crushed! Please, please get a VL test either after week 8 or ASAP if it looks like they will stop treatment!!! Otherwise you will have no basis to know how you responded or didn't respond and will have no data to more successfully retreatment in the future! Beg, lie, get another doctor, do what ever you have to, to get a VL test before stopping treatment. Don't lose all you've been through these 7 weeks because your doctor won't test your VL.

Hang in there at least long enough to get your HCV RNA test!
Let us know what happens.
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the numbers you posted WBC @ 2.1---NEUTROS @ 1170 are just a little low...if you were in the WBC @ in the 1's and neutros in the 700's your doctor should prescribe NEUPOGEN shots... certainly it's not something not to be concerned about...but to stop treatment!! or lower dosage at this time is outrageous!! I would consider a 2nd opinion..
Like others who have suggested though--you need to find out if treatment is working for you and get a VIRAL LOAD TEST....4 wk-- 8 wk-- are you undetected yet??!  being a genotype 1A --you want to know this!  
Not having insurance is a factor as Neupogen is expensive--but call the pharmaceutical company and try and get them to PAY!! Try anything!!
Hope this info helps and you have a blessed day today...
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Not sure how or why but my WBC count has gone up in the past month or so, from 2.1 to
3.70 still on tx week 26. I really hop everything works out for you.

God Bless

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