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Hemolytic Anemia Options

Well, after using the Procrit from week 8, when my HGB was at 9.4, until week 12, when I finally had my HGB taken again, my HGB is now at 9.3.  That is with 40,000 units Procrit per week.
    Mean-while, my 12 week vl is undetectable, and it has been that way, since week 4, although I am on Triple Therapy with Victrelis (Boceprevir) which has a 4 week lead in, so I was undetectable before the Victrelis was added.
   Also, at 12 weeks, I developed a mild Riba-Rash on my torso(while in the sun), which I am controlling with Hydroxyzine.
My Doctor has read the new studies, which lots of us on this Forum have also read, which indicate that Riba reduction after 12 weeks und, seems to be safe,(doesn't effect SVR chances) and she has given me the choice to reduce...but I'm finding it a tough decision.
   My anemia is preventing me from walking more than a block, but I can still breathe okay, but not great.
I have heard that sometimes the Procrit takes 6 weeks to kick in, so I kind of want to wait another week, and then go get my HGB checked, at 14 weeks. But I also was thinking, maybe I should reduce the Riba by 200 mgs, because I feel like my anemia is feeling worse, not better, than last week.
    I would love any input/advise, from those who have been on Triple Tx, and experienced anemia, and used Procrit, and Riba reduction~  I am 13 shots down, and have 15 shots to go, so there is alight at the end of this achey`itchy tunnel, and thank you in advance~
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The Vic is the main problem causing you to be anemic, I had to go on 40,000 every 5 days just to keep in the 9"s. From what they say dose reducing doesn't seem to hurt ones chances, now if your cirrhotic that might not be the case though. I wouldn't expect reducing only 200mg to help much so if you go that route you might have to reduce even further.

Being you was und at week 4 your odds are great, the most important thing is to stay on treatment... If it was me i would stay on course and as long as it stayed in the 9's. Your not going to be normal as long as your on treatment.
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The Procrit is doing exactly what is intended of it...stabilized the HGB.

maybe I should reduce the Riba by 200
No body should ever self administer dosage without a doctors direction .
You are on track.....


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I am on week 10 of incivek and pegasys and riba. I have be come extremely sick. My hemoglobin is 7.7 with 40000 of procrit. I cannot stand up with being nauseous. I am trying to last at least through week 12 of incivek. I think they want to do a blood transfusion. UGH I just want it to be over with.
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seems like yesterday you started tx....sounds like your doing good...most of my tx i had to rest a lot while walking......9.3 isn't too bad...be careful...your pulse will most likely be high...mine was 80 to 100 during a lot of tx...just trying to get that oxygen around....the anemia was something i had no idea going into tx that i would get...at least not bad...when it hit in the beginning of tx it took me by surprise.....don't over do....keep up on that blood work...even procrit couldn't bring my hgb up after a while...i would think your doctor will reduce riba if you get into the 8s ...get up slow out of bed or out of the car...good luck....billy
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Here is an article about managing anemia with the triple tx:
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Just like candoman I had take 40,000 every five days.  Twice a week was too much, once a week too little.......it's like Goldilocks and the three bears sometimes it takes time to find one that's juuuust right.

Do NOT dose reduce without your doctors instructions. Ask for more procrit but in the 9s is ok (well it ***** but) at least it is stable.
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