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Hep A vaccine

I am notreactive to Hep A . my doc told me that I need to have a vaccine for Hep A. the problem is that non of the doctor 's office are doing vaccine. Can you please tell me where or who should I called in NY to get a vaccine?
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I think everyone in here has had a series of HepA and also HepB vaccines.  You just reminded me that my final one is this month and I would haVe forgotten all about it!

It's just a shot - even though it's a bit painful of a shot...it's just another darn shot don't sweat it at all.

This is common practice.

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Just a guess but I would think any state health department could provide the information or the medication. I know in Tennessee the state offices provide a lot of different vacines  at minimal cost. Again just a thought but if your doctor recommended it seems like he would know how to provide it. Good luck to you and hope you get it taken care of. Dale
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You might try looking here :  http://www.health.state.ny.us/
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Sorry I misread your question.  I have to wonder why they don't have a hepA/hepB combo vaccine available it is a really pretty common thing I believe.

I live in New York and got it at the medical group that I go to (in lower NY in Westchester) and can give you that info if it's helpful but I can't imagine this being any problem.

Call around to other medical group type doctors places...they should really all have this available. I had a tetanus shot at the same time...so it's THAT common I think.

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Good afternoon.  I too need a hav vaccine and at my doc visit the np. said my last series of hbv vaccines didn't take.  So I have to take them all again. There were no hbv anti-bodies showing up in the blood test, so 3 more shots. They gave me a prescription for hbv vaccine but my pharmasy doesn't carry it. Wonder where I 'll be able to get that filled? Illona , how are your sx's today?

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I would wonder why he only wants you vacinated for only a and not b also. I had to do a series of A&B before starting treatment. I went to the local hospital for the first on and they gave me the other two to have my Personal care physcian do the shot.
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You just reminded me that I never got my vaccines.  I am at week 26, maybe 27?, of 48.  Is it too late?  Wonder if I should get it now.

I would say local health department to find it.  My insurance is Group Health and they have some kind of clinic I can go to for it.

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I am more confused than normal about this Hep A and B coctail shot. My doctor has never recommended that I take it. Is this something that I need to press him about? Dale
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My doctor suggested the shots after I had finished the Tx. I'm not sure your body needs to deal with this now as well.
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Illona, Here in CA, I went to a travelers health place called Passport Health. They do vaccines and stuff for people going abroad. Can-do, that's *going* a broad.

Dale, Yes. It is something you want to get done. I don't think you need a prescription at the traveler's places. It's expensive, but I submitted it to Ins - no prob.

All, Anyone know when I should be retested for anti-bodies after the vaccine series? I think my final was in November.
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Thanks Goof I'll follow up on this one. Ignorance is bliss and I am a happy boy most of the time. Dale
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dale-ray:whats-up? yur elevator ain't going to the top floor anymore?...i also got hep A&B before trx,also asked for 2nd bloodtest to make sure they 'took'...Public health office did both & HIV test..pretty standard precaution:.apparently gettin 2 vruses is badnews-like we need more! i think B is 2 doses or main shot& booster;got 1st yrs ago preparing for extended vacation south of the border,then booster 5,6 yrs later...whats w/ yur doc,yu guys sharin bowl in the parkin lot?
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Thakn you for all comments.
I had hep B vaccine done a long time ago. I don't have hep A. My doctor told me that insurence are not paying for Hep A vaccine anymore.
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Sin: now that's a nickname a fella could run with!..i'm hangin in there-sleepin strange hours & feelin the poorlys,but hey, trx meds sux!! you still doin that basement bathrm marathon? i got undetected wk-12 and am now doin procrit..just 30 wks left -knock on wood......Hope alls well in your neck of the woods!
Stator: yu busy bashin major appliances? what's the good word fella? please tell me a bedtime story tonite,puleeze......maybe something 'bout that uncle does charity/relief work?
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The first thing my Hep dr said was to get the A & B vacines.  Said I could do it on TX - wouldn't hurt.

He didn't give them.  My primary didn't give them.  I finally called the county health department.  They give them free.  

Had my series done there while on TX - no problems.
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Valorie today has been a real eye opener regarding this Hep A and B. Now I am concerned that the doctor missed this or assumed I knew. With me never assume - lights on but nobody home here - brainfog ya know. Thanks for the info. Dale
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You know, they tell me all the time I need to be vaccinated but I too seem to have fallen through the cracks (and a wide crack it my friends!!).  Guess I need to add that to the list.  Also did not do a thyroid baseline.......
long sigh, is it good to vaccines when on an immunosuppressant drug......
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Die you Bas!ards... I like it.. I like it. You too hang in there, and kick em in the @ss.  I am so sorry you have to extend, but I think sooner is better than later... good luck , and have some ice cream.  It helps.
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I will be starting tx this Friday.  Had an A/B vaccine end of January, the second a month or so after, and the third in the series in seven months.  They were given by my gastro with whom I am tx'ing.  Didn't hurt a bit -- small gauge needle in back of upper arm -- didn't even need a band aid!

If anyone can tell me if it's allowable on this site, I'll give either the name of my dr or my email address.  I'm in Queens, New York City.   Be well.
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LOL: Oh yeah Real close to bashing major appliances. After all the frustration and riba rage to rebuild the dryer and got it working beautiful... Yesterday I turn it on and it sounds like a very large buffalo limp buffalo trying to run on a tile floor.  Dad says Ahh just pull it out and change the pulley...'Dad, I replaced the motor, the bearings, elements, and belt, the pulley is the only part I didn't replace.' Told the 14yro to put up a clothesline  Saturday.
What is up dude, we must sneka by each other, I been around, you hanging tough okay?
OKAY...U said....please tell me a bedtime story tonite,puleeze...

Well I don't know  about a bedtime story, I have felt a little frustrated with life lately. Not the pcr, just the finances, jobs, the kid's progress report was  way below usual(hmmm suddenly chasing the young ladies and looses focus, sound familiar). I ain't lookin for a break, just wish I was handlin it all better or there were more hours in the day...

BUT!!! JUST SO I KNOW HE"S STILL GOT HIS EYE ON ME, GOD FLICKED ME UP BEHIND THE HEAD YESTERDAY. Yup, I'm on this job with the remodeler (not the Uncle), now months ago I tell this guy I gotta cut back cause I'm on some meds that really tire me out. No problem, he calls-says he's gutting this small bathroom, that he knows I don't need all the plaster dust and demo work, but can he just hand bags of debris out the window to me and I carry em to the dumpster...Sure..course I get on the job and 1st thing he can't get the shutoff valve on the toilet to turn, breaks it, so he shuts off the Main H2O supply and leaves to buy a new valve. Now guess who stays behind to demo the walls..PLUS I had 3 coffees and my water on the way in and now I got no place to deposit it, Might be one flush in the upstairs bath but lady of the house is home on crutches...okay I was a boy scout but the houses are real close, I figure I'll wait..I'm rippin walls down, tile on top of mortar on top of plaster board on top of that miserable wire lat. This room is cramped, only about 6 x 5, dust flyin, tile bouncin off my safety glasses. Bossman shows back up, watchin me swing my claw hammer and work a flatbar...steps into the room - I thought to fix valve,(guys about 6'2 and 260#). Got my back to him and I hear him say why don't ya use the 3lb sledgehammer..!!!!ALERT_ALERT!!!!RING RING!! I turn and look and this guy is pickin up said sledge...GOD FLICKS THE BACK OF MY HEAD...OW! I am awake!... I take step back out the doorway..Bossman begins to swing said 3lb sledgehammer, I watch as on his backswing the 3lb head of said sledge flys off handle and hits wall directly where I was just standing, at my eye level. Did break a lot of tiles. Not just adrenaline rushin through me, NOW I GOTTA PEE...run, coffee can garage...Thank You God, I knew your were there all the time.
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Don-that tale will do nicely-thanks...why didn't bossman swing a 10 lb sledge fer christsakes!!in a room where yu couldn't swing a cat no less....had a partner for short time:always showed late,then took coffeebreak;when he finally got motivating managed to ****-off entire crew-we would watch his attempts to "teach" 20 yr man how to mix mortar,hit laborer in nuts w/ shovel handle,tangle watr hose in mixer paddles-lot of laughs & no few after work 12 packs&doobys to calm down men so they didn't up and quit-(he was a good mason,just hard on the help)...those were the days my friend,thks for reminding me & glad ya moved outa the way!-be well-don't sweat the dryer-the futures so brite gotta wear shades
Kalio-just finished Kings& Queen--THANK YOU!!
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I guess I've had my head in my *** on this one Beamer. I've been with this same Hemotologist/Hepotologist since 95'. Maybe he has brainfog too. My appointment with him is in a few days so I have it on my list of questions. How are the blues doin today. I hope better you seem to have a little skip back in your step. Hope its all going well. Dale
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Years ago I worked as a lackie for a couple partners in construction. The one I knew was the carpenter guy, and his partner was the mason.

We were finishing a house where the original builder had defaulted. One morning I was left to toil while the others guys went to work at another property. Said they'd pick me up at lunch.

Well after about a dozen beers the night before, and a 7-11 big gulp coffee that morning, I had to do my business like no tomorrow. No water or fixtures in the house; we had only a garden hose and electricity from the next door neighbor. But I had to go, like it was nobody's business. And it wasn't.

Call it a double Number Two. Maybe that's a number four. I dunno, but it wasn't waiting no longer to see the light of day.  

So I scope out the back yard. Nope. Just a couple scrubby trees  - but no protection from the neighbors' view. That I had but one lone 7-11 napkin was the least of my worries. I guess I got creative, but memory fails me here.

So I head inside and scope out house (we're in emergency realm now) and low and behold I discover a sump well, sunk into the pad in the back corner of the garage. Complete with a lid. Relief is at hand, folks. And just in time, as my anus has started to pulse like a jellyfish swimming up current. The sphincter has divorced itself of mind control like a frog leg severed from it's host. Most of you know this feeling, I trust.

I copped a squat over that sump and enjoyed a brief taste of Nirvana my friends. I still remember the relief of moving my bowels that morning as though it is the defining moment that  connects the first part of my life to the second.  

So I get back upstairs and resume my work when the mason arives back at the scene. "S'up Ted? What'r you doin' back?", asks I, oh so innocently, while counting my blessings for having resolved my predicament not two minutes before.

"F-ing materials didn't show at the other site", curses Ted the hungover mason, in one of his predictably foul moods. "So I'm goin to F-up the rest of my morning cementing the drain tile into that piece of sh!t sump in the garage".

Rugh-oh, Goof.

I high-tail it back upstairs, just in time to hear Ted the mason, *** angry Bull Elephant Seal, bellowing with all the rage of Satan himself, "WHAT THE F--- IS THIS SH!T? JESUS F-ING CHRIST. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFY!!!!!!"  

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goofy-Aw Man just when I was gonna head to sleep, now I'll be laughin all night!

Kalio1- Hey Lady how you holding up. Dad's doing okay, he still aint back up worki but I got him sittin in his robe watchin Jerry Springer and said okay dude this is not you, you need to get back to work(I may regret that. Teens..But I was a little angel. I was thrilled when he came home from his day at the mall with his young lady friends and actually talked to me about it, but now he needs to have some boundaries set. I remember well when I was young(and old)setting my clock by the women either in my life or that I wanted in my life.
Last week my 24wkPCr came back at 3140. That's still 18,696,860 less unwelcome houseguests then I started tx with. Doc's on vacation til next week so I'll look at options then. No sense in me projecting til I sit in front of him and discuss it all. That's why I said 'so some of us get more time in the trenches' when you posted about the 2wk gap. I waited over 2 years from dx to tx. I'm learning patience and I have the time, I have friends, I'm sober, and I'm sure that bossman is getting a new sledgehammer.
Peace, patience, wellness,
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