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Hep C - In Remission and still sick - Why?

Hello - I am happy to hear that reoccurance is not possable. But my problem is I have not been well for two weeks now. Nausea,low grade fever,pain in right side under ribs, tired, no appetite and when I do eat, I have loss bowls. I have been to the doctor but test results are not back yet. We thought perhaps I had come out of remission, but I read on the forum this rare. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with me? I also have not been able to shake the depression caused by the Rebatron treatment I received 5 years ago and am still on high doses of antidepressents. Right now I am scared and sick and tired of being sick and tired. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time and imput.
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Unfortunately, since you were treated five years ago, you may not have had the newer, ultrasensitive test which does a better job of determining the presence, or lack of presence, of the virus.  You may have been told it was gone when it was still present, and capable of replicating a trillion particles a day.

You must have a PCR test, if you haven't already, and you must courageously pursue whatever it is that's making you feel unwell.

If it is a reappearance of HCV, there are many people on this forum who will support you as you go through treatment again.

Be well!
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Thank you for your support. I am reading more on this forum and getting alot of information. Thanks all for being here !
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Hi and welcome, Could be alot of things. Try not to stress till more results come back. Could be gallbladder, build up of gas in intestines, could be spastic colon. Don't just assume it is the virus. Good luck and best wishes...Debi
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If you cleared the virus through treatment and had DNA testing showing you virus free, it is very unlikely. However, if the sensitivity of the test you had after treatment was sensitive only down to >600 uL, then it is possible some was hiding uner the radar. Have you had PCR DNA testing each year since you finished treating? Do you know the sensitivity of the test?  Maybe you have some other liver issue going on? Impossible to say from here. I hope your doctor has some answers for you soon.
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Thanks to all who responded so far - I will check in again Wed to see more comments.
Thank you for being here! It sure makes it easier for me.
I am a recovering Drug addict and Alcoholic. I was diagnosed with Hep C during my first pregnacy 5 years into 12 step Recovery. Looking back and speaking with other females - I think that during pregnacy the Hep goes Chronic. I think I would have been okay without treatment but no tests have been done on pregnancy and Hep C, that I know of anyway.

I wish to Thank everyone who posts and reads this forum and wish you all the blessings of Heaven itself !
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All of the suggestions about testing have already been given by others and is where you should start. Make sure your doctor is experienced with HCV and the tx involved. Do not be shy about asking direct questions about your docs credentials regarding this illness and what he thinks about your condition specifically.
You'll never be alone here regarding many issues, that has been my experience. I'm your brother in recovery from addiction to booze and drugs thru both 12 step programs: AA & NA. Your program will be of great help for you thru this process. HP be strong medicine!!! Talk to those in your network about HCV. You'll find many will relate. I was diagnosed many years ago and chose to wait on tx. I'm 2b, week 21/24, UND week 4 & 12. Most peeps on this board are good souls who care, will give you straight up good info. Keep in touch!!!    Keep the Faith    Pauly
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i had continueing problems after clearing the virus. dr.s kept telling me my thyroid tests were fine.  i finally got the correct tests done by reqesting them myself.  and i am indeed hypothyroid.   you need to have free T3, freeT4, thyroid antibodies, and ferritin tested.    go to this website and get educated.  www.stopthethyroidmadness.com        interferon users are at very HIGH risk for thyroid problems and are not being diagnosed or treated for it.   good luck
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Hello! I have been on treatment 6mo. told have to do 12mo.I am in remission! With Lots of other problems with eating and I was put on MARINOL and it has helped me eat I was 120lb.woman went to a 98lb.woman and the marinol helping me eat 103lb. but I have lots of complications
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