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Hi.......last year I was diagnosed w/ Hep C, I am a Stage 2 @ this point in time. I also have battled manic depression & bi-polar disorder for years now. My current medication for the latter is the most relief I've ever had so far, but I also understand that the Hep C meds. can causes severe depression as well. They tell me I'd need to take meds. for the C for about a year & with everything going on in my world, I just don't know if I could handle it!! Anyone with any insight perhaps?? Anything you can tell me re: this :"combination" of illness would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.........
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they used to say bipolar people weren't candidates for treatment but now ive seen  that it is doable.   you may just have to be monitored more closely and use meds to keep you level.   do you use lithium now?  let us know how it goes for you.  lots of love to you.
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Lithium doesn't do a thing 4 me......I've been on everything under the sun just about! Here's my daily " cocktail" right now :
Prozac 40 mg...........twice daily
Trileptal 600 mg........twice daily
Lexapro 20 mg.
Seroquel 200mg.
Restoril 30 mg./ nite......sleep disorder
Depakote 500mg.......as needed 4 migranes, usually about twice a day
Seroquel 25mg. for anxiety attacks
**Also take meds. 4 blood pressure/ angina & GERD

It's a double-edged sword, not good 4 the liver to have to process so much stuff, but I'm not a very pleasant human otherwise......Catch 22's surround me it seems........
And thanx sooooo very much 4 ur well wishes!!! Blessings' 2 u all as well.......
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Hi just want to tell you a guy I talk to at the clinic where I go to see my Dr & Hep-c team he was telling me about his Bi-Polar dis-order & that his medication is keeping him stable, he's on Lithium & has to go 12 months too ... hes at least 3/4 done ... just make sure you are honest with ya doctor & his team this treatment is a 100% do-able ... Good Luck & always keep the "Goal" in the front of your mind ... <b>Steve</b>
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Thanx 4 the thoughts.......I learned a LONG time ago that u gotta be totally honest w/ urdelf AND ur doctors or they really can't do much 4 u........
Not 2 be a "buzz kill", but lithium in my eyes is like drinking Odouls to an alcoholic........U know what though, I really can't trust what my mind thinks most of the time!!
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Someone told me last week that tx can trigger bipolar.Is this possible?
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I don't understand the depakote for migrains? Isn't the depakote your mood stabilizer? 1000mg per day right? You are already on  anti-depressants so evidently AD don't trigger mania for you. Seems like you could do treatment and adjust the AD as needed. I agree with whoever wrote about being honest with the docs, especially the psych doc. They are the experts!
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