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Hep C Antibody Testing

Hi all, here's my situation.
23 year old Male, no stis. Back in October had a one night stand and unprotected vaginal intercourse with a girl i know, stupid. About 7 weeks later started having a slight discomfort in my upper right abdomen, not a sharp pain, just an uncomfortable feeling. Shook it off as a musculoskeletal issue. Went to the doc and he felt around my liver and said there was no inflammation and that I shouldn't worry about it and gave me some anti-inflammatories. The discomfort started to improve.  Then i came across info about hep c and started getting very scared, and about 5 days after that started feeling very strange. It feels like I'm almost living in a dream kinda like a constant 2 beer buzz. Also started to feel a bit tired. So I went back to the doc and got a hep panel, with all results coming back negative. This was 9.5 weeks past potential exposure and about 2.5 weeks after the liver pain started. Now at 12 weeks, I'm still feeling pretty out of it and i feel like I haven't slept well in a month. No dark urine, my stools may be a little bit light, but I'm not sure if they are or if is just me overanalyzing everything.

Just wondering if anyone out there could give some input about the test. From what I read most will develop antibodies by 9.5 weeks. A few questions.

1) Is 9.5 weeks pretty conclusive?
2) If I had been having symptoms for 2.5 weeks before the test wouldn't that mean there was some kind of response from my body? So one would expect at this point I would test positive?
3) Could some of these continuing symptoms be due to anxiety and stress over the issue as opposed to an actual virus?
4) At the time of sex i had no cuts or lesions on my genitals, is it still possible for the virus to transmit?
5) Are there other conditions out there that could cause this combination of symptoms?

Any input would be greatly appreciated and help put my mind at ease.
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Forgot to add one more question.
If spontaneous viral clearance were to occur. What kind of time frame does it usually happen in? With regard to onset of symptoms and of exposure?
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Look for something else on why you feel like you do because you do NOT have HCV. Stop this obsessive behaivor and move forward with your life.
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You should actually talk to your Dr or read a little bit more on this particular disease. It doesnt occur like you may think it does most of us have it for years before even knowing about it. And I would have to agree with copyman ... Good Luck.
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you should also go and test for HIV.
i hope you will be alright
good luck
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Why would you say HIV? I don't really think the symptoms i have and timeframe are consistent with the progression of HIV
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the symptoms cannot tell you whether you have disease or not.
testing is more reliable than symptoms
Hep C is very rare from sexually...
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I agree that testing is the only way to know, but I was just wondering if there was a specific reason why you mentioned HIV with regard to my case. Now that I am 12 weeks out I'm going to re-test for hep c and HIV this week
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i wish you will be negative with viruses....
just send me private mail when your result come out...
good luck buddy
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You will get HIV beore you get hep C by having sex.Go get the HIV test too.
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Not sure if you get symptoms in the the fews weeks of infction of HIV tho,but i di know hep C symptoms come on within weeks.
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Negative for HIV, still waiting on the hep C results. Although risk of sexual transmission is low, I'm just really at a loss for what other condition could be making me feel this way...
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I hope you got tested for STDs as it seems possible to me that these 'symptoms' you have would more likely be caused by something like that than hepC.  Usually people who develop hep & have symptoms immediately thereafter are SICK really really sick and it is apparent which disease they have developed.

Your liver really doesn't have any 'pain' nerves in it and especially after such a brief time would not be feeling anything associated with this disease.  Which is why we have needle biopsies without any pain or being knocked out.....there really is nothing to 'feel' the pain.

Talk to a GI at least maybe it's something like IBS.

Here's hoping they are all negative for you.
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