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Hep C Inactive??

Ok, so about four years ago, Hep C antibodies came up positive when they did my blood tests.  Later, They tested for the virus and said that it had cleared out of my system, but I would forever have the antibodies.  

It had been a while since I had blood work done, that I actually forgot to mention it to the doctor, because it seemed that it was not a concern of mine.  Anyway, I had blood work done and again it came up positive, so now I have to see a liver specialist to find out if it's active or inactive.  Is this something that can come back once it's gone away??? I mean, I've heard different things, so now I'm very concerned because I'm about to undergo bariatric (weight loss surgery) and hope this does not cause a problem with having the surgery....

PLEASE HELP ME.... I'm not going to be able to sleep well... I need some answers.  My doctor didn't seem very knowledgeable....
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The antibody test just says that at some point in the past you've been exposed to HepC.  The only way to tell if you have it now is to do a viral load test.  The liver specialist will do that.  It's just another blood test, though a more expensive one that takes longer to get results.  Some people clear the virus during initial infection.  That may be what you did.  If so, you'll still show antibodies, but your viral load will be undetectable, in which case you had it once but you don't any more.  I think about 15% of HepC cases are cleared at initial infection; the other 85% result in chronic infection.
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according to my doc, research suggested that about 25% of total people infected with HCV clear their virus without any medication etc ( their body itself clear that) and remaining 75% get chronic hcv. However, once you get infected with HCV, your antibodies become positive and in most of the people remain positive life long even your own body clears the virus or you get it cleared through interferone treatment. Presence of antibodies doesnt mean that you have HCV, rather its the HCV PCR test which confirms the presence of virus. If your PCR test is negative ( virus free) then no problem at all. Forget about positive antibodies as these may accompany you through out your life.  
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My boyfriend was just diagnosed with Hep C but that it is in active. Can He spread it to me or can I have it?
Depends on if its active or not. I have inactive. Never gave it to anyone. Yes to if he is active. Use precautions, but might not guarantee that your safe. But, i believe there is s cure.
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'My boyfriend was just diagnosed with Hep C but that it is in active. Can He spread it to me or can I have it?'

As mentioned above, having a blood test that shows up HCV antibodies just confirms that your boyfriend has come into contact with the virus.
Nearly 1 in 4 people will spontaneously clear the virus but may show antibodies for the rest of their life. That doesn't mean they have HCV.
An HCV PCR test shows whether the virus is active in your body, If it is, then you have HCV. Your bf will need to have this test to find out whether he has HCV.
I'm not sure what you mean by 'diagnosed with Hep C but that it is in active'.  He either has the antibodies and not HCV, or he has HCV. He will need (or you in your post) to be clear.
I think everyone who thinks they may have come into contact with HCV should have an HCV PCR test.
New drugs that have fewer side effects and shorter treatment times with much increased 'cure' rates are now available, or available very soon.
You should have the HCV PCR tests and take it from there.
Ask more questions if you need to when you have the results of these tests.
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I actually only dropped into this old post to suggest you ask your question as a new question, as this post has been pretty much inactive for over 6 years.
There's a brownish box at the top of the page that says Post Question. More people will jump in with information.
Welcome to the forum and good luck.
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