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Hep C antibodies, positive test, is it possible i no longer have it?

I just had the blood panel to test liver funcyion and also test for hep B. I am on Latuda and Wellbutrin for bipolar depression. if it turns out i have hep C, will Harvoni make me more depressed/manic?
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Your title question “Hep C antibodies, positive test, is it possible i no longer have it?”

Have you only had a hep c antibody test? Or did you have the HCV RNA by PCR test to confirm that you are currently infected? Were you previously diagnosed with Hepatitis C, treated and cured in the past?

Having a positive hep c antibody test only means you have been exposed to the hep c virus. It does not mean you are currently infected. To determine if you are currently infected you need to have a second test for the presence of the virus itself called the HCV RNA by PCR test or similar.

If you had a confirmed diagnosis of hep c and were treated in the past and were cured a hep c antibody test of no value. If you were infected inthe past but are now cured you will always test positive for hep c antibodies. Antibodies are not the virus they were made by your own body when it tries to defend itself against the virus. Antibodies are not the virus they are a part of your own bodies immune system.

The only way to know if you are currently infected is to have the HCV RNA test which looks for the hep c virus itself.

If you test positive for hep c antibodies about 25% of people are able to beat the virus on their own without treatment. You will still test positive for antibodies but will test as “NOT DETECTED” on the HCV RNA test.

As far as I am aware there are no issues with bipolar meds and hep c treatment. There are several meds available to treat hep c other than Harvoni.

There are no medical professionals in this forum. We are a community of patients who are or were infected with hep c. This is primarily an online support group.

With this in mind the best person to ask this question is your treating physician. Tell your doctor about all meds you take including OTC so they can give you the best advice regarding treatment.

From your question it sounds like you haven’t been diagnosed with hep c yet. So first have the HCV RNA test and then go from there.

Please let us know how it is going if you are diagnosed with hep c and any additional questions you may have and we will do our best to help.

Good luck
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I went to drugs ******* and checked for interactions between Harvoni and the meds you listed the result was:

“No interactions were found between your selected drugs.
Note: this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist.”
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