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Hep C from a tape dispenser?

Hello, I am sorry if this question has been asked before. Recently I cut my finger, punctured it lightly, with a tape dispenser at the post office. It was my own tape dispenser, and but the post office clerk used it 5 second before I used it. She was helping me  tape one of the boxes. She used to cut the tape. And then I took the dispenser back and used it to tape another box on my own, and cut my finger. I could not see any blood. Is this is a risk for Hep c? I asked the clerk if she cut her hand, and she said, NO. She even showed me her hands. thank you.
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In order to become infected with hepatitis C hepatitis C infected blood must enter the bloodstream of an uninfected person. The clerk did not have a cut and it’s unlikely she has hep c as only about 2% of the population has hep C. You also did not have a cut so there was no way hep c blood could have been on the tape dispenser and no way it could have entered your bloodstream. Hep c is most commonly spread by people sharing IV drug needles.

Hep c today is very treatable. I suggest you stop worrying about illness for which you have no risk  and in any event are curable for most people and instead focus on treating what I thing is likely your anxiety issues.

Best of luck
thank you. Let me clarify. But I DID cut my finger on the tape dispenser. So I did get a little puncture from it. It cut into the blood stream, I think since it cut a bit into the finger. There was redness but no oozing blood from. But the cut was slightly painful. But before I used the dispenser and cut myself, I did not see blood on it. She said she did not cut on it.
Is has to be an open wet weeping wound for both of you

To put this another way say in the case of a health care worker who experiences an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hep C. The odds of transmission in this case are only 2% yours would obviously be much lower to non existent

Get some anxiety counseling is my best suggestion treat the illness you do have not the one you do not.
A superficial scratch like what you experienced is not an open weeping fresh wound
thank you.
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