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Hep C geno 2A treatment?

Hi all. Is there anyone here with hep c 2a? All the doctors I had talked with told me to wait for better treatments, because I had a history of severe depression, and they worried that interferon treatments would cause serious/dangerous side effects relating to my mental health. When I looked up for non-interferon treatments, all I found were for other genotypes. Am I missing something? What is the non-interferon treatment for 2a, if it has come out? Have you tried it for your 2a? I would like to learn how it worked (or didn't work) for you, and what side effects you experienced. Oh, do health insurance usually cover it? How much would it cost without insurance coverage? Thanks!
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Geno 2 was the first genotype to ditch interferon, recommended treatment for geno 2 is sovaldi and ribavirin

Follow the link

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Yep. Solvadi/Riba for G2. A friend did it for the recommended time line and is still SVR after a year and doing well. My question is so the doc says "wait" until something else comes out which they are famous for telling heppers to 'hurry up and wait'. Wait for what? Riba isn't easy but why wait? Insurance covers S/R. Waiting is dangerous. If you think you can handle the Riba I say go for it now. No time to wait.
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hello , as stated above , sovaldi ( sofosbuvir ) & ribavirin are the meds needed for geno 2 .

Ribavirin may give you sides and u should google " side effects of Ribavirin " and will know more about it .

Ribavirin may !!! be the reason for the concern your docs have , but inform yourself about it and then discuss it with your doctor & with a phycologist / psychiatrist to see how and if it would affect your depression and if there are some medications that they would like you to take when on therapy .

best wishes to you and i hope you can sort out your problem and treat your hcv .

warm regards .

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I treated and cured with Sovaldi and Ribaviren for 3 months and am also
Geno 2a.  It's the best and only combo and the chance of beating the virus are upwards of 90%.  It's also only for a few months and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Since you are worried about depression, I would make sure your on a good antidepressent.  What's more depressing is having Hep C so going for a cure is worth the challenge.  
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Per recommendations of EASL...http://www.easl.eu/medias/cpg/HEPC-2015/Full-report.pdf

Cirrhotic and/or treatment-experienced patients can be treated with an IFN-free combination of daily sofosbuvir (400 mg) and daily daclatasvir (60 mg) for 12 weeks (B1)

Comments: Daclatasvir is active against genotype 2 in vitro. In a Phase II trial, 92% (24/26) of patients infected with genotype 2 achieved an SVR12 after 24 weeks of sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. Based on data with other, more difficult-to-cure HCV genotypes, 12 weeks is probably sufficient for this regimen that should be reserved for patients who failed with other options.

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