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Hep C reactive

Hi there, i just done lab test last june 10, 2014 i need it because i am applying for fiancee-visa and i've got a very bad news yesterday telling that i have hep c reactive, i am so scared at the moment cannot sleep and eat well because of that news, i badly need thw medical certificate can the medical clinic give it to me?i have to go to the medical clinic tomorrow to talk to the doctor about it,what will i do?can someone help me please?if i need to worry about situation?badly need your help...Please...thank you for reading,
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U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Services doesn't appear to make reference to Hepatitis C as a communicable disease of significance.   A stated communicable disease of significance is TB (tuberculosis).  A past communicable disease of significance was HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)  infection and does not make an applicant inadmissible if the immigration benefit is adjudicated on or after January 4, 2010.   It appears this is when the policy changed for HIV infected Immigration to the U.S.

I don't believe that Hepatitis C is a significant communicable disease but
policy maybe an issue that has yet to be updated.

USCIS has a process to determine whether the applicant meets the eligibility requirement for a waiver; Consults with CDC; and determine whether the waiver is warranted as a matter of discretion.

Please keep us informed.  Let us know if you are denied based on you
medical record of Hepatitis C.  I personally don't think you will be denied.

Welcome to the forum and looking forward to hearing the results of your
immigration application.  Please let us know.

Best to you

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Thank u so much for ur quick reply,but unfortunately i am applying to europe...i am actually on my way to the medical clinic, yes i will definitely post the result here later, i am very nervous now. Thank u for the assurance that this will not be an issue for applying the visa..
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Just got the result
Remarks / Instructions
HCV -REACTIVE  ( PV=1.39, COV = < 1.000 )
Doctor said its a low count and will be back after 2 weeks thats on june 27, 2014 but can somebody tell me what to do or eat inorder for me to be negative for the hep c screening next time?please i badly need help at themoment...thank u for reading.....
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"Can somebody tell me what to do or eat  in order for me to be negative for the hep C screening next time?"

There is nothing you can do or eat that will change the outcome of your hepatitis C test.   It looks like you will be retesting in a few weeks.  You might want to get a viral load test to confirm if you have hepatitis C.  20-25 percent of people who test positive for hepatitis C don't have a viral load and do not have hepatitis C.   They only test positive for Hepatitis C antibodies and will test positive for the rest of their lives....but they do not have Hepatitis C.

Best to you and keep us informed of the outcome.

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Yes i will be back after 2 weeks for hep c screening thats what the doctor said, she didn't say anything more. Im scared the result will be the same again but yes i will i will get that viral load test also after 2 weeks...thank you...i will post the result again.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.When you say Europe which country? Over here in England it will not have an impact on your immigration application as above it is only TB where there could be an issue same as Greece but as far as i am aware not Hepc. Good luck with your application and please keep us informed, and please try not to worry. Regards Jules
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Hi there, thanks for welcoming me here... In Begium actually, the doctor told me yesterday that its a low count and be back after 3 weeks. Is there any possibility that it will go higher count? Or maybe it is just false positive? I am trying to be calm but i am still worried as i dont have any idea where i got it. Im not into drugs or anything, never been to the hospital since i am small...
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2 weeks rather not 3 weeks sorry...
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