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Hep C risk

So try to make long story short. I had unprotected oral from a massage parlor. I tested negative for gohno and chlamydia. Still having the following issues. Lower abdominal discomfort, changing stool, tiredness, tinnitus, and now some eye issues.
I feel like my lower abdomen and upper legs are either swollen or retaining water. Does any of this sound Hep C related? What are my risk for Hep C from the above encounter? Thanks for replies.
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Does any of this sound Hep C related?
The majority of people infected with hep c have no symptoms which is why it is called a silent illness. When they do have symptoms the most commonly reported is tiredness. Your symptoms do not sound like the symptoms of a hepatitis c infection.

What are my risk for Hep C from the above encounter?

Hep C is a blood borne virus requiring blood to blood contact.

It is theoretically possible that HCV could be transmitted this way if one partner has mouth sores, bleeding gums, or any other condition that could permit blood-to-blood contact. But this mode of transmission is believed to be very rare.
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Thank you for your response. I just have no idea what is going on with me.
Best of luck
Check with your doctor for proper diagnosis could be anxiety related
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