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Hep C side effects while not taking treatment

This is my first post.I was diagnosed with Hep C 10 years ago.I have never had treatment as my liver enzymes were only slightly elevated and my liver bio was close to normal.My VL vacillated from 40 mill to 10 mill. Until recently I have not felt any possible side effects from hep c and my gastro guy says to just keep doing what I have been doing which is a very heavy anti oxidant diet.I'am a male of 64.I also suffer from gout attacks but since taking allupurinol my attacks have been less frequent and my uric acid is now normal, I workout 4x a week and I;am in excellent shape.Hardly even thought about HCV.

My last 3 blood tests showed my alt/ast in the normal range and my liver bio in December 10 was close to normal.However, about 6 weeks ago I started experiencing afternoon body aches and fatigue...everyday..I started taking rocicet for pain relief, just 1-2 daily.My daily aches became almost continual and I have really felt lousy for 6 weeks. Unexpectedly. about 3 weeks ago I had another gout attack.Since the body pains and fatigue started well in advance of my gout I did not tie the 2 together.I stopped taking rocicet and to my surprise it has taken me a week to rid myself of those side effects..I'am clean from the rocicet now..I believe and no intentions to ever use the pill again.

I had extensive blood work done and everything came back normal except the VL which was 30 million.My doc say sI should see a infectious disease doc.

My question is this....how likely  are my body aches and fatigue tied to HCV with normal alt/ast levels and a near normal liver bio ......my body feels on fire sometimes but no fever.

The last couple days I have started to feel a little better and also wondering if at even a low dose of 1-2 roxicet pills daily for 7 months could my body be reacting to this drug and crying out for larger doses?

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.I'am genotype 1 and have been told current drugs to eradicate the virus won't be effective.

Thanks, Dave

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I found this web page very help in understading complications of chronic hep c


Hope it helps
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Thanks Keith I will have a read
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It has been my understanding through everything I have read and been through that the sooner you start treatment the better. I have a similar ALT/AST count (40 million) and have the same symptoms you do but not all the time. I know that I can live a long time with this but I would rather catch it and control it before it causes any damage and I would say that's what you should do as well.
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I should have said this is my first post since 2005.....all has been well up til 6 weeks ago when daily body aches starting occurring..My health has been very good except for gout attacks and frankly even forgot about HCV as I felt good and was even having a couple beers a day....Its odd to me that for the first time in 10 years my alt and art have been normal the last 3 years but my VL in the 25-35 mil range..So, as I asked, wondering if having a very high Vl with normal alt/ast and liver bio could be causing these daily body aches and fatigue or perhaps something else like gout even when the gout does not seem present..I know gout is auto immune and even though it might not have manifested itself until 3 weeks ago perhaps it was causing these pains.
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Are you genotype 1???If I thought I had even a 40% chance that the God awful Interferon.Ribavarin therapy would eradicate the virus I would start today..My Doc says with this Genotype I have less than a 20% chance..So, since I have been feeling really  good til late I haven't been concerned about HCV..I go for my blood tests every 6 months and have my liver Bio every 5 years..I have had 3 liver bio's and show no deterioration of the liver in the 11 years I have been diagnosed with Hep C.

I'am trying to determine if my aches and pains are something else or related to Hep C.

Also wondering if the use of roxicet for 7 months,only 1-2 pills a day, for shoulder pain, thats another story, might be the cause...I have stopped taking the roxicet now for 5 days and must say the last 2 days I feel better.

Once again, just trying to determine if the effects of Hep C, body aches and fatigue, are likely even though my liver enzymes are normal and my liver bio normal but have very high VL.

Thanks for your thoughts. Dave
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Probably the most common symptoms of HCV that almost everyone experiences is aches / pains and fatigue.

Not sure who told you the current drugs won't be effective but there are new drugs that are very effective 75%+

With that high VL I would treat. The symptoms you are feeling is your body telling you it is time.

Having normal blood tests are good but not always an indicator of how much liver damage you have. Only a liver biopsy can tell you this. Keep in mind HCV is a very silent disease and has a way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the @ss. Sometimes the person already has severe liver damage by the time they find out.

Best of luck
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Thanks...my liver bios have been stage 1 for 11 years with the most recent one done in 12/09...My Gastro doc said with Genotype 1 existing treatment is very ineffective.He said the new meds only decrease the time most need to take the combo but is no more effective in eradicating the genotype 1 virus...Should I seek another opinion or does that sound about right?

Thanks, Dave
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Its time to find a new gastro with the new meds the sucess rate has gone up from 40-50% tyo 75-80% for a geno1.  Any GI treating someone with hep should know this information...even my dad who never had hep saw it in the news...........

Get a second opinion from a heptologist if you can.
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Just a FYI... I'am 64 and still go to the gym 4x a week even with the body aches.I actually feel better after I workout albeit stamina is not as good...Strength wise...I'am still benching close to 300lbs and have stayed between 185-195 for several years..My appetite is still very good even with the body aches...Not sleeping well at all but that could be do to getting off of the roxicet.

I don't mind going on interferon/ribavarin etc if I have a good chance it will eradicate the disease but with my liver bio still stage 1 and up til 6 weeks ago feeling good I have been reticent to go on those god awful meds.

So,I'am trying to see if my aches/pains etc might be associated with something else before revisiting the drug therapy option

Thanks, Dave
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Thanks......I think I'am going to see how I feel in a week as I have been feeling better the past 2 days....appreciate your input..Dave
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I have not started treatment yet and was just recently diagnosed with hep c. For the past year or so I knew there was something wrong with my body. Never knew it was hep c til now. I started getting tired very easily and having no energy. I get headaches and sore muscles. Sometimes have trouble focusing and concentrating. Some days just an overall sick, sluggish feeling. I am not over weight and am only 34. I just thought I was too young to be feeling this exhausted all the time. So in answer to your question, yes...I do have symptoms for hep c. I know a lot of people don't.
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May I ask what your alt, ast and viral load are?
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