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Hep C through a scissor cut?

Sunday I went to a barber shop, where the barber was very tired (he usually very is somehow but does great jobs). But he cut my ear very much with his extremely-sharp scissor..   It hurt AF, and bleed (only a bit), but he didnt even recognioze it. (and I didnt warn him either) After that, he touched the cut sometimes with his hand during the hairdressig process. I did not see an open wound on his hand, but I saw a rather big dried wound. As I know hepC is alive in dried blood too.
After I arrived home, my cut was still bleeding! (little amount but still! so I guess its a deep wound) I cleaned up with alcohol and I am worried AF since then, took 5g VitaminC/day since then. (if it helps at all..)

What are my odds of getting HepC if:
-the barber has HCV
-some of the previous customer has HCV

I fear the barber could easily has HCV, he was always rough, I'd been always worrying he'd cut me one day..) so he may have cut many people.....I should have left him, I know..

Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
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Hep c is transmitted by blood to blood contact. Blood that has the hepatitis c virus must enter your blood stream.

In the case of a health care worker who has an accidental needle stick involving a patient with known hep c the odds of them getting hep c are about 1.8% so your odds would be less than that.

If concerned wait 6 months and have the hepatitis c antibody test. But your odds are relatively low in this situation.

If you ever do at some time in your life test positive for hep c there are now highly effective treatments available that cure most people with hep c.

So either way you have nothing to worry about.
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Here is some information from MedHelp.org on who is most at risk for Hep C. It sounds like you're not at risk, but this may be helpful for the future.
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