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Hep C treatment

I have Genotype 1a; viral count log 6.25 and Fibroscan rating of 2.
I am 57 years old so unsure if my "sometimes" lack of energy; increasing memory loss; proneness to anger, is age or disease related.
I have been waiting patiently, and impatiently, for the arrival of Harvoni OR the worsening of the disease.
I was recently advised that Beijing Mesochem Technology Co Ltd from China (contact Rachel) has the medicines I need. They only supply powder form.
So I purchased for USD1880 40g of Sofosbuvir and 8g Of Ledipasvir delivered by FedEx.
I supplied Mesochem a doctors certificate from my local GP for the medicines.
I just gave the powdered medicine to a local compound chemist and for AUD$80 he will make up 88 capsules ready next day of 400mg sofosbuvir/90mg ledipasvir.
I have had this Damocles sword swinging for over 20 years and it is such a relief to be actually doing something to rid myself of this unwelcomed virus.
I have heard of many Hep C patients buying from Mesochem and being cured so they have not bought expensive glucose.
All up my costs are about AUD$2670.
I will post my blood work in 4 weeks time.
My advice to all.... the wait is over, you can cure yourself now.
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Great news boss
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SVR 7 weeks right now after 12 weeks of mesochem sof & led
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Great work. It's just getting over the starting nerves. After that, it's not much harder than slicing bread! Hope you get your Sof quickly and can get on with treating. Good luck.
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Thank you will take a look shortly.

Just wanted to inform that I tackled the capsuling of the Daclatasvir API, and with the appropriate tools it was pretty much a breeze.   Used a milligram scale as you suggested and a scoop that allowed me to take a close amount to the 60Mgs required from the pile of powder, after I got it in my minds eye the amount required.   Made a funnel out of non absorbing paper and accomplished the process in a little over 3 hours.   Figured that each cap is within 60 - 62 mg, judging from left over amount.   I would not think that would make a difference.   Just waiting for the Sofosbuvir from India to arrive to get started  

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Thanks,   Guess I will get over the hurdle and hibbie jibbies once I get the scale and spatulas in the mail and open the package from Mesochem and divvi up the stuff... only wish we had ping pong balls down here in Chile might be easier to get powder into them with all the quakes we've been having.  
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By the way, I just emptied the API out onto a sterile surface and loaded it into the caps with a sterile miniature penknife blade.
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You're correct on all counts. And you could put the API into a ping pong ball if you could swallow it and it dissolved in your stomach. The only objective is to get the API into your stomach and for it to be absorbed there.

You can even mix a correct dosage in a drink and take it that way, but then you have to weigh out a dose every day, and you have storage issues with the opened API package.
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Thanks so much for your detailed account of the dosing procedure.  

I also placed an order via Amazon a digital scale representing 0.000 and some tools to load DAC into caps.   I hope it comes soon as I received Dac today from Mesochem.   No hazzles there.    

I could not order capsules from the US through Amazon, there is some kind of strange regulations as I tried placing order for different  ones and order could not be placed,  stating something about some strange legislation preventing shipping out of the US.     I finally found some locally but only transparent gelatin ones available were size 0 which are pretty large compared to the number 3s you mention.  

What I thought I would do is weigh the empty capsule then the 60 mgs of DAC and load and double check the weight for the summation of the two and hopefully end up with 100 caps as I purchased 6 grams of the Daclatasvir.

Do you see any problem with a capsule that is much larger and would remain half empty given its size?   As I've read mixing with lactose or any other expedient is not important or even advisable correct?

By the way I hope your treatment is progressing nicely.  

Thanks for sharing your experience.    Be well.      
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Btw, isn't JimmyMose the poster who made several long, infantile posts attacking Greg Jefferys' credibility?

The best he can do with Mesochem is find an advert on an internet re-seller website and pick out a spelling mistake, rather than use Mesochem's own website (which comes up as the first hit on a Google for "Mesochem"). That's intellectual honesty for ya folks!

He's definitely not posting with an agenda. Absolutely not! no way!
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Encapsulating Daclatasvir API into useable form

The Process

1) I bought some 'precise digital scales' from myprotein.com, which I first calibrated with a couple of quantified small weights. These scales weigh in increments of 10mg.

2) I then put the Daclatasvir into the big end of pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules (size 3, which I had check weighed at 40mg), which I had bought from The Alchemists Apothecary on ebay.

3) I then weighed them with the capsule cap loosely fitted. It was trial and error, but I soon got a feel for aproximately the correct amount (60mg + 40mg capsule weight) without having to re-weigh several times.

4) I weighed each batch of 20 filled capsules to check that the total weight was 20x1 dose + 20 capsules, which they were. I did this process 4 times.

5) I followed the same methodology as above (4) to produce 5 more loaded capsules.

6) I check weighed the whole batch, divided the weight by 85 and subtracted 40mg (the capsule weight) from this to triple check that I had the correct dosage per capsule.

7) I pressed all the capsules tight (the large section and cap click together). I then put them into an empty re-sealable vitamin container with a sachet of silica (it helps eliminate moisture from the air in the container).


1) myprotein.com is a UK company. You should be able to obtain a similar product in most countries. It should be easy to find them by Googling 'precise digital scales'.

2) If I was to do this again, I would try to find scales that weigh in increments of 1mg if they were not too expensive. This would eliminate the need for so much check weighing (though I would probably still check weigh for peace of mind).

3) The Alchemists Apothecary is also a UK company (you can collect from the ebay counter in Argos stores). But, again, it should be easy to find capsules through Google in your own country.

4) Don't get the enteric-coated delayed release capsules. This medicine is designed for immediate release in the stomach.

5) This method is best suited to encapsulating individual medicines, but the same process with adjusted dosages can be used for Ledipasvir (90mg) and Sofosbuvir (400mg).
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Still a bit confused on how to effectively dose out the DAC API received this afternoon from Mesochem.   Did you by chance do your own capsuling of the API?  

Previously you directed me to the fixhepc site to get instructions, but was not able to find any; however,  I did find on Greg Jeffery's blog his posting from someone who relays what a pharmaceutical chemist in Australia described for mixing Sofo/Lepi or Dac,  don't remember, which includeds an expedient to fill 84 caps etc.    All I need to do is Dac as the Sofosbuvir will come in pill form.

Is all I need to do is weigh out on a digital scale 0.060 of Dac to then maneuver powder into a capsule?  

Local pharmaceutical chemists are requesting all kinds of added documentation that I don't have and not ready to provide unless I jump through a whole bunch of more hoops.

Thanks for your comments or those of anyone else that has had to do this on their own.    

Best wishes..

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This is a very interesting Thread and a big eye opener for me , i hope you kind people here dont mind me following it .

I am 43 , live in India  ,and have hcv 1A for the past 9 years now , treated with inf + riba , but got pulled off at week 23 due to crazy sides that put me into a comotosis state ..

last fibroscan 5 months ago showed 5.2 on the test , i am waiting for harvoni to be launched here in India , it was suppose to be out by the last quarter of 2015 , but now it seems it may be 1st quarter of next year .
i am still hoping that i can start tx before the end of the year .

i go in for my 6 months fibroscan and ultrasound next month ( oct ) and will then decide if i can wait a bit more or should i order the ledipasvir from china ( sovaldi is freely available here and i will have no problem on that front )

my best wishes to all here and i pray for a full cure and svr for everyone
God bless and warm regards .
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Great results after only 8 days Alex. Looks like your liver's on the mend.

Just started my Sof+Dac treatment. First blood tests to be done in two weeks.
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Correct, API's don't need anything added to them as the active ingredients are the Sofosbuvir, Ledipasvir or Daclatasvir.
The rest are fillers like cellulose, glucose, lactose etc.

I got the results of my blood work after 8 days of treatment today.
ALT 45 (my previous values ranges from 63-134; last test 27/5/15 value of 99).
     ALT desired range: <45
AST 23 (previous range 42-70; test 27/5/15 value of 63).
     AST desired range: <45.
GGT 46 (previous 57-151; test on 27/5/15 value of 102).
     GGT desired range: 0 -50.
The nurse at POW hospital emailed stating, "Attached are your lab results – great news, all liver enzymes are normal! (probably for the first time in a long time?!!). So I guess it’s not sugar after all ; )"
I had joked to her I might have bought some very expensive China sugar.

I will continue to update my results as at the end of week 4 I will have a viral count undertaken.
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I had confirmation this morning from someone else in Australia that the compounding pharmacist they used just added pharmaceutical grade lactose to the Dac API that he supplied. So it's obvious that the API's don't need anything added to them as a pharmaceutical aid.
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The meds arrived from Mesochem in separate envelopes.
Compound chemists make up personalised meds as per a doctors script.
In my case no compounding was done as each med was kept separate but they have the equipment to make capsules.
The correct dose was put in each capsule and topped up with a filler like cellulose.
The chemist charged $80 Australian for the service.
So I take 2 capsules together one of each Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir.
Easy peasy.

If you had accurate scales you could do it yourself and measure out 400mg of Sofosbuvir and 90mg of Ledipasvir but it was not worth it for me.
The dosage is a weight and not a concentration so it is easy to make up.

Mesochem supplied me with a Certificate of Analysis for the meds confirming they are above the Standard of >99.0% purity with an actual assay purity of 99.8%.
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i asked myself about the same thing, if it needs to be compounded with anything else
alex- how you did yours ?
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Rachel will supply without a prescription Alex. I just got some Dac API sent to me in the UK. No prescription asked for, and none offered.

Does anyone know if it needs to be compounded with anything in the capsules?
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Yes I got my local Sydney GP to write out a prescription for me for 12 weeks of medication of Sofosbuvir400mg/Ledipasvir90mg.
I am not sure if Mesochem will still supply without a prescription but you can ask. Rachel from Mesochem is extremely helpful.
Another option is there is Dr James Freeman in Tasmania who does telemedicine from his website GP2U that will do the whole process for you.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks alex.  This is really helpful nitty gritty info, and I am still trying to get Aussie doctors script ,did you have to supply script to Mesochem? Thanks sally
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I knew it was just a matter of time before other sources of "the cure" became available. Good luck Alex and keep us posted on your progress.
      I fought tooth and nail with an entire medical team to get approved for Harvoni and after 13 long months I received my approval and received my first 4 wk supply.
    I'm close to your age and have had this tug of war battle going on inside of me for over 50 yrs. (blood transfusion at 6) I also experienced the synaptic failure, loss of patience, and aches that got worse every year. My wife says my stress level dropped almost immediately after beginning tx and she has put up with my declining energy and patience for a long time and so she is extra sensitive to it. My GI doctor says long time patients with cirrhosis almost immediately have a drop in portal hypertension negating the need for further beta blockers to keep calm.  
     Amazing !        So I'll be posting details of my journey regularly.  
     Once again Good Luck Alex,  and everyone else here on their quest to slay this dragon and achieve SVR.
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Amazing. You are quite resourceful. This is a trait that will get you through this. Keep going. So happy for you. Keep us informed of how you are doing.

LOL Harvoni in powered form by the drum. Cheap. LOL
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"I have heard of many Hep C patients buying from Mesochem and being cured so they have not bought expensive glucose."
gota lol for that one

You mean they bought it over 6 months ago and they are SVR now?

WOW  Wonder if it's cheaper by the drum?


Beijing Mesochem Technology Co.,LTD
APIS and their intermediates
Name: high purity Sofosbuvir
Quick Details
Min.Order: 10 Gram
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T,Western Union
Appearance: white to off-white crystalline solid
Application: for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Treatment
DeliveryTime: Stock abailable
PackAge: Drum,according to your requirement
Port: Tianjin
ProductionCapacity: 50 Kilogram/Month
Purity: >99%Storage: In an airtight container,
Transportation: No restricted
Grade: Pharma Grade
color: whiteform: powder
Packaging Details: according to your requirements
1. Superior quality
2.Competitive price
3. Good service
4. Stock availability all the year around
5. Flexible payment
We accept both small orders and mass production

Oops abailable misspelled and I haven't checked Ledipasvir yet. Why pay a  local compound chemist to mix and capsule it.  Do it yourself or get a ex drug dealer to do it.

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