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Hep c from fight

So the other day i was in a fight where a guy cut his hand when he punched a window and then tried to reach me when i saw the blood dripping from his hand i freaked and managed to avoid him. but i am afraid that there may be some blood that came in contact with me or my face. I did not see blood on me afterwards or felt any fluids hit my skin. But in the unlikely scenario that some blood hit my body i would like to know what is the danger of transmission.....

Also i am a martial artist and i would like to know what is the danger from contacting blood from punching bags and from blood that is dried on the bag or on the floor.

Also if a scrape comes in contact with infected blood does this count for an exposure?

Thank you
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Enough of the "unlikely scenarios"...you have been around long enough to know it is blood to blood contact that puts you at risk.
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You state in another post that you're a little OCD.
GO to the OCD forum and post there. Maybe they can help you.

Good day.
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Thanks guys you are right maybe i overthink about these things
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You have a six month old child and you might want to put your OCD to good use and figure out why you are putting yourself in situations where excessive drinking leads to bar fights, penis paper wrapping incidents, unprotected sex with multiple partners as per your previous posts.  That doesn't exactly sound like responsible parenting.  Sounds like a frat house to me.
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i would use bag gloves...those heavy bags can get pretty bloody...funny...this is the first time i have thought about the blood on a heavy bag....our bags years ago always had blood on them...and of course its so nice to take the raps off to toughen up the skin...i was always bleeding at least a little blood got spotted on the bag...so since hep c can last for days dry..and since your hands may be bleeding a little..i guess i would use raps or bag gloves...i would think now a days training would be a little cleaner then in the 60s and 70s..maybe they spray bags with alcohol or something?.still it seems like it would not be at all common to get hep c from a workout....
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