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Hep c testing HELP!!

So 2 months in post exposure I took a antibody HCV test with a HCV Rna PCR test both came back negative am I in the clear or do I need to test again at 6 months ???
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If you took the HCV RNA by PCR test that tests  for the actual virus and it came back not detected you do not have hep c. This test is valid a few weeks after exposure.

The HCV RNA test is normally only performed after a positive hep c antibody test to determine if the positive antibody result was from a previous exposure or a current infection.

For people with compromised immune systems like for those with HIV it could take as long as 6 months for them to develop enough antibodies to reach a detectable level.

The antibody test for healthy people at 12 weeks post a concerning exposure is conclusive.
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Ok thanks for your answer :) I was double checking because I read that it can take up to 6 months and I was like lord Jesus I don’t want to pay for another PCR test, so I’m in the clear no more further hep c testing ??
The HCV RNA by PCR test is conclusive
Your doctor would likely have advised you to wait 12 weeks and have the antibody test only. The HCV RNA normally test is only performed after a positive hep c antibody test because of the cost.

Hep c is not a medical emergency. It can take decades of infection for the hep c virus to cause liver damage. Only about 20% of people infected with hep c virus after 20 years of infection will experience liver damage.

Hep c is not easily transmitted. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person. The most common way to contract hep c is by the sharing of IV needles with a person infected with hep c. Or a blood transfusion prior to 1990 when hep c antibody testing was developed and the blood supply secured.
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Just to add the best person to ask is your doctor that ordered these tests.

We here are only patients who are or were infected with the hep c virus and not medical experts.

This is a community support forum and not constantly monitored for new activity. It could take a day or two possibly longer for someone to notice your question and respond.
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Thank you
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