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Hep-c type 1 stage 4

My taste buds are going to like nothing tase right Is it because of my hep-c and why?
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I don't think it is the HCV directly causing the taste bud problem but the liver disease might be. I remember reading somewhere that severe liver damage can cause food to taste bad or have no taste. I seem to recall there is a connection. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Make sure to see a Hepatologist to manage your stage 4 cirrhosis.

Best of luck
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I don't know the medical explanation, but I can say that when the liver is diseased, then things start to taste bitter, even sweet things. I had jaundice a couple of times and had to eat sugar candy which tasted terrible.
You have definitely had big problems to deal with the last few years. I hope you can find a way through them, and can take advantage of the knowledge and advice here.
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