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HepC positive after 48 weeks of Treatment

I did a full 48 weeks of 2b-pegintron combo therapy and 2 months after treatment I got sick and the virus is now elevated.  At the half way mark I was undetectable. Now I have to go in every month to keep track of my ALTs. The Doc says that there is no other treatment now that can help and all I can do right now is hope for a new treatment and try to stay healthy.  They seemed concerned at the virus count. I know there is no correlation between high count and liver damage but its same old ****. Tired all the time, headaches and the Lichen Planus is flaring up again.  At first I thought it was my body adjusting to being off treatment, at least hoping but I was wrong.

A couple of questions. Can the virus cross the blood/brain barrier? Can the treatment cross the barrier? Could this be the reason that others and me can
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I believe they have determined that the virus does cross the blood brain barrier. I don't know if the tx does but I kind of doubt it. Someone will know. As to why the virus recurs there are differing opinions. Sorry about the recurrence. I've been there and I know it's a scary thing to deal with. Good luck and hang in there. Mike
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What is the blood-brain barrier.  This terminology is new to me.
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The capillaries (small blood vessels) are lined with endothelial cells. Generally these cells are spaced to allow molecules to pass between them. In the brain they are tightly spaced and prohibit many substances from passing. Recently hep c was discovered in the brain and in the cerebrospinal fluid. I don't think that interferon passes this barrier but I'm not sure. I know that Pegasys is a large molecule interferon and, as such, I don't think it passes. The discovery of the virus in the brain has prompted more research into the possibility of cognitive degeneration as a result of hep c. Another thing to wonder about and watch for and, in my case, probably imagine. I hope this helps and I hope my description is accurate. Mike
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The blood brain barrier is a protective barrier that protects the brain from infections and other things.  Many drugs can not cross this barrier but some virus can.
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(said very sarcastically)  ;)

Thanks for the information - I will add that to my list of things to research.

You are a great source of info for me - I appreciate you being here and sharing your knowledge.
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Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear this news.  As everyone, hoping and praying there is new tx down the road.
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