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My father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection in 2003.  But we started treatment in 2006.  He had to take interferon injection and ribavirin for 1 year.  I think total 52-54 shots.  His viral load showed "no detection of virus".
After the treatment, we check LFT, AFP, USG abdomen every 6 month and he is fine up to now.  All USG results show "Liver is normal, no hypodense area."  We know that we have to check his viral load again.  

My question is .....

1)Should we do CT scan or MRI to look for potential CA liver and cirrhosis?

2)If his viral load increases, should we take treatment again? (my father suffered from a lot of interferon side effect and he doesn't want to take the treatment again.)

Thank in advance.
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so what makes you think theres a problem if everythings normal
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I am afraid my father has liver malignancy.  I want early detection of CA liver instead of late diagnosis and late treatment that usually happen.
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If your father "showed no virus" or was delcared undetectable with PCRs 6 months and 1 year after he had completed tx, he is SVR (a sustained viral responder) - done!! Yay!By definition UND at 6 months post tx is SVR, though many Drs (mine included) opt for one more at a year after tx stopped. My Dr. said no more, and I am happy to oblige.

If your father had severe liver damage - Stage 3, Stage 4, they will continue to monitor for HCC every 6 months indefinitely and run labs that include LFTs and some other markers for worsening liver disease too.

If he's indeed SVR, he can put the thought of tx behind him once and for all and embrace life and all it has to offer.

He's lucky to have such a caring daughter in his corner, Pam
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