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Hepatitis C and Fatigue

Hi, Im 26 year old male  I found out about a year and a half ago that I have HEPC ( got it in intensive care as a baby).
I had a liver biopsy done right away  and my liver is in stage 1, not affected at all by the hep c. I am grateful that my liver is healthy but I suffer from an extreme amount of daily fatigue. The fatigue is really affecting my everyday life. I get extremely tired at work and find myself leaving early and not working hard. I also stopped playing hockey (something I love) and swimming because I get to tired to do it.  Does anyone have the same experiance and have some ideas on how to combat the fatigue. I went to the top Dr. at Mt. Sinai in NYC, and he just brushed it off as something I have to live with. I dont believe that and I was just wondering if any1 had some advice.  


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sorry your do brushed you off. I definatly had hep fatigue at your age. multi vitamins helped a little for awhile giddy
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I've had hep C for 24 years. I was infected when I was 17, now I'm in my early 40's. During that whole time I had chronic fatigue similar to what you explain (and for years I never knew what it was). It wouldn't always be that bad, sometimes I felt ok. It would come and go. I managed to get by, usually I could function well enough to get my education, to work and to live some kind of life. But yes, I was spaced out a lot and needed to take naps much more often than a person in their 20-30's should need. I found that the very best way to deal with it was to exercise vigorously on a very regular basis, even if you feel like you can't do it. I would ride mountain bikes (or go running) for about 45 minutes a day at least 3 times a week (preferably 4-5 times a week). Also quit smoking if you smoke, quit drinking any alcohol if you drink casually or certainly more than that. Eat a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Include foods with healthy fatty acids like salmon and olive oil. Drink lots of fresh clean water. Have a cup of coffee if you like coffee, it's also good for your liver too. If you religiously do all these things, and the fatigue really is being caused by HCV, you will almost certainly feel much better. It wont cure your chronic fatigue, but it should definitely help manage it.

Lastly, I was finally treated last year for my hep C (I'm geno 1 incidentally). I enrolled in an experimental drug trial. It was a tough experience, but long story short I was cured. After recovering from my treatment, and as I continue to recover (now 24 weeks post treatment), I feel fantastic. My chronic fatigue has left the building, I no longer suffer from it. For the first time in nearly a quarter of century I no longer have that awful near constant feeling. I can also drink fairly large amounts of beer without it hardly affecting me now. The only reason I mention that is because it means my liver is functioning normally now. I have normal liver functionality now, and I'm sure that's why I do feel so good and the fatigue has all but disappeared (except for what could be considered normal for a 42 year old). Some people say that getting cured of HCV will not make you feel better, and maybe that's true for some people (especially older folks). But for someone as young as you, I wouldn't be surprised a lick if you snap right out of it if you get cured too. That is IF the thing's that's causing your fatigue is the HCV (a very likely culprit since you do have HCV). Best of luck....
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fatigue will get worse with time, then other symptoms will begin as well.
do not smoke or drink at all, and start reading up so you will know the pro's and cons of when to treat and why. Better to treat before age and latter stages creep in, although some are waiting for newer better drugs. Still the only way to make an informed decision is to seek a good hepatologist AND educate yourself. there's alot to learn in here, you will not remain at stage one forever, if you have had it 25 years I would start learning right now, and hopefully this will save you, you family, future wife and children, all some real grief. Knowledge is power.
hope that helps.  you need to find out what genotype you are, what your viral load is, and get a biopsy done.
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yes, fatigue is one of the many symptoms on the HCV ala carte menu. some symptoms will come and go and some come and stay. i find that around 3 or 4 pm is when i'm the most tired. i get a 2nd wind or take a short nap then good until around 11pm. you are young enough that you have pleanty of time to wait for the better drugs to come out. until then eat a low fat, salt,sugar diet. exercise and take milk thistle. take a good multi vitiman WITHOUT IRON. and there are some other supplements that you could add to the mix. some new ones have been discussed here in the last few days. best of luck
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Thanks for the answer. Im geno 1a (most common in good old america) , just wondering what made you deciede treatment after 24 yrs and what the treatment was. My doc recommended not to do anything and come back every 5 yrs for a biopsy. Also you are able to drink beer that soon after treatment?
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You received some good advice already, but I would also add that depression could be causing some of your fatigue. It's great that your liver is in good shape, but learning that you have a chronic and serious disease can be depressing. Getting yourself into a regular exercise routine, as mremeet suggested, will help you in many ways.  I know that it's hard to get up the energy to do it, and it's frustrating to know when you cannot perform at a level that you once did,  but regular exercise will help your overall energy level, mood, and feeling of well being.  ood luck to you.

Did the doc recommend treatment?
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