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Hepatitis C and autoimmune hepatitis together

Hello everyone.  I have been surfing the net in total confusion and dismay for the last few hours.  I happened upon this site about 20 minutes ago and at least am now beginning to settle down a bit.  I was diagnosed last May with Hepatitis C.  I have been in recovery from heroin addiction for the last year and a half and decided a couple of months ago to see a specialist about going on inerferon(spelling error probably).  I underwent the bloodtests and was told today that I also have positive results in autoimmune hepatitis also.  I haven't gotten the liver biopsy yet.  I will be getting that in the next couple of weeks.  My doctor said that we'll wait and see and he didn't go into it all that much.  So, of course, after getting home I jumped on the computer to see what I could find out.  It's been a pretty stressful evening.  There is nothing that I can find that gives me any hope and I am afraid. If anyone has any information for me it would be very much appreciated.  Thank you all for your time.

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welcome dear one,  pull up a chair, take a deep breath and sit a spell.  you must have angels looking after you to land here.  we are all laypeople here although once in a while a brilliant physician know as HR will stop by.  some of the laypeople here know more about this disease than the doctors who treat us. i have been diagnosed with cirrhosis and have not yet been able to teat - so i do not consider myself an expert.  if you haven't already you may want to read through some of the past posting.   if you have specific questions please ask away and one of the lay-experts will chime in.  
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Get a second and third opinion confirming your diagnosis. It's my understanding that the treatments for AIH and HCV are each contraindicated for the other problem. (Steroids for AIH and interferon for HCV each can cause problems for the other.) If this is truly your situation you're going to want the best specialist with the most experience dealing with this particular situation. Good luck.
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Be sure to check out the Autoimmune Hep forum here at MedHelp, too:


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your beautiful. hepaptitis is easily treatable dont worry and good luck with heroine.
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I suggest you start treating for hep C and if you respond poorly in the first 12 weeks consider AIH to be responsible. Many tests for AIH are falsely positive so repeat them.
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If you really do have autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis c virus then your treatment approach is very different form someone with only hepatitis c. Do not listed to any advice here other than advice to be sure and get good medical advice.
The last poster is flat out wrong when he suggests that you start treating and see what happens. Autoimmune hepatitis is a situation in which your immune system is attacking your liver and since interferon boosts the immune system starting on interferon could further and significantly damage your liver.
Talk to a knowledgeable hepatologist and then come back and let us know what advice you received.
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