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Hepatitis C and blood sugar

I was curious if anyone has had any experience with blood sugar problems as a result of Hep C. I have been noticing that sometimes after I eat (especially lunch for some reason) that I seem to crash. I get real tired where I take a nap at work sometimes. I have read that hep C can cause blood sugar abnormalities. There is a history of Diabetes in my family (brother and father) and I am about 30 lbs overweight so it could be that. I am going to schedule a test with my doctor. I've had them in years past and been fine but i am wondering if it could be from the hep c. Anyone else ever experience this?
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I didn't know there was a connection between  Diabetes and hep c. I was diagnosed with type 2  Diabetes about 6 months prior to starting treatment for hep c.
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Big connection between hep-c and diabeties.

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I've often suspected there's a connection between hcv and blood sugar problems. I don't know if I have blood sugar problems (I test negative for the diabetes A0 test), but I have for many years been hit with the type of fatigue you describe. HCV has definitely been linked to diabetes and obviously the liver is one of the key organs for regulating blood sugar (along with the pancreas). I've often thought about getting a blood sugar meter and start measuring sugar levels throughout the day and record the results in a diary. Write down how you feel, last meal, what was it, how long ago was it consumed, and measured blood sugar. You may very well start to identify a pattern of fatigue being associated with blood sugar, and if so, develop a plan for controlling it.
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I agree with Ron, diabetes is a possible sx of this tx.  I was concerned when I first learned of this as my grandmother and father had diabetes, and my father died from it when they adjusted his insulin.  Now my brother has it, so there definitely is a family history for me.

Thus, ut is one thing we check from time to make sure that tx is not creating an onset of it in me.

As for blood sugars, in talking with a few folks and seeing a couple of studies awhile ago, it was interesting to learn that consuption of refined sugars are thought to aid in cancers and viruses sustaining themselves in the body.  The general recommendation was to reduce them from one's diet and look at consuming natural sugars, such as those found in fruits.
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like the others said there is a connection between blood sugar levels & hcv. my glucose level runs slighty above normal 110 (fasting normal 65-99). i also read somewhere about insulin resistance having a negative affect on tx.
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A friend of mine who finished tx and cleared the virus 1a, now has diabetes. Another friend of mine couldn't do treatment, his platelets went down so fast and low he almost died after one shot. He now also has diabetes. There is a definite connection.
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