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Hepatitis c and working


I am on the Pegasus treatment and am finding it difficult working did everyone on here continue to work because I can't be bothered
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yea I worked all the way through. I did not have the luxury of stopping so although I could not be bothered, emotional and extremely tired and exhausted I still went to work.

But then depends, I work in an office. If hard physical work would have been needed I do not think I would have been able to do it
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Some people have no issues and can work while others have a very hard time. I was one who had a hard time and could not work.
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I am sorry your having difficulty with tx.  Haven't treated yet so have no tx experience.  

One universal suggestion for any treatment is to stay hydrated be drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day 48 to 64 oz unless a doctor gives specific limitations.

Maybe providing more details about your treatment and specific side effects can help others offer suggestions and/or you can browse or search the forum.

Hopefully before starting treatment your provider asked you questions about your work like days, times work environment, specific tasks like sitting at desk. standing, walking, lifting or other.  Some will take their shot in the evening of their last work day of the week so they can have the next 2 days off if possible. It can be different but many feel the worst side effects after their shot for a day or two but others longer.

Is there any flexibility in your job such as days, hours, type of work, part time option or hour rest break?  Depending on your type of work and the laws where you live your condition/treatment may require employers to make accommodations.   What are the specific symptoms and times that give you the most trouble?  Have you discussed side effects with your doctor recently and been offered any suggestions or meds to help with them?

It is possible you may not be able to work. If this causes major financial difficulties hopefully some form of assistance is available. If really needed maybe a close trusted friend(of course not you) could organize a charitable benefit event for you.  

Please keep us updated about your treatment and wish early non detectable test results and successful completion with SVR

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Honestly, I don't know how anyone can work on interferon though apparently some have, and do.
You are not alone.
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i did not and am sure that everyone is different. i lost so much weight down to 90lbs and i was not tired but WEAKNESS took over my life. i did not care about much, and i did not know anyone to help me. i learned a lot about my self during this time. i met another lady in my drs office she had hardly any side effects, this only made me more depressed but i learned QUICKLY just how different this drug affects people. i felt great then i just wanted to die. this is normal i am told. hang in there and the light is shinning on you and soon you will be out the other side. good luck to you
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Yes I have also developed a style on my eye it is very painful.  I have sent my boss message telling her I'm gonna be off until things settle down now.  As I don't think its fair me going in and then having to leave due to being ill.

I think they will understand.

Every day is different isn't it x
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