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Hepatitis exposure through electric razor


I went to a barbershop in Ukraine. I had a slightly big pimple on the back of neck and I squeezed it in the morning. It wasn't bleeding apparently but it seemed rather irritated and red. A few hours later, I went to a barbershop to get a haircut. The hairdresser was shaving with an electric razor and the electric razor touched the pimple when he was shaving that area. As far as I'm aware it didn't cut or nick the skin but it hurt a little bit, so when I got back home I applied some alcohol on the area. I had a burning sensation. Is this considered a wound that can be susceptible to an infection? The barbershop gets clients at short intervals and they don't sterilise the razor after each client. Assuming that there was a trace of blood whether it is dried or fresh, could there be an exposure? Is it considered a risk at all in my case? Can anyone assess it? What should I get tested for and when would it be definitive? I read that this is a risk for Hepatitis B and C that's why I'm worried. Thanks in advance.
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I doubt it Hep c blood must enter the blood stream. It just sounds like you had a skin irritation but unless you had an open bleeding wound and hep c infected blood was forced into that bleeding fresh wound. I highly doubt you have a risk but if concerned there is no harm in being tested. Wait 12 weeks and have an antibody test if you so desire.  

Also bear in mind there are no medical experts here this is a support community of patients who either are or were infected with the hep c virus. Any opinions offered here are not from medical persons we are simply lay persons with no medical training.

Likely the same for hep b about infection risk but you can ask in the hep b community.
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