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Is there a new or better way to manage Hep.C symptoms?
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which symptoms are you asking about, there are many different ones
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well I am assumming your talking geno 1. It is not incurable, who told you that? I see you are only 45, hopefully you dont drink or take too many perscribed med's or the unperscribed kind. The thing w/geno 1's is the cure rate goes way down with them.  But I personally believe odds go up with other factors, healthy living, good health, being a younger age and genitics.
    There is  a new test called the IL28B. it tells ya if your a CC,CT or a TT.  CC is easiest to cure...BlueCross/BS covers the cost of that test.  Have you had a biopsy yet? That determines the stage and grade of the disease.
     The good news is Tela and Boec (Tela being the one due soonest) will be used soon we hope, and that brings cure rates to 80 or 85 percent.  Those are good odds.
     Keep reading, keep posting, keep learning, good luck and Happy New Year.
      I personally chose a clinical trial. Its free , SOC, and maybe a miricle pill. Ill find out in a few weeks if im UND (undetected virus)
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exercise a little a day water water
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All types of Hep respond to Interferon and Ribavirin. Not all individuals respond to the meds. If your body didn't respond it doesn't mean their aren't other routes to try,repeating treatment included. There are dozens of people in this very active forum who failed treatment 'only' to try again and make it. Ask them.
Hep C is generally symptomless for decades. Unless you've had it for 25-30 years it's unlikely it's the cause of your current flu-like problems. When I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2008 I thought it was no big deal because I felt really well. That, in part, cost me a year's delay in treatment. Your profile seems to indicate you are not actively pursuing further treatment. Although, in the long run, my missing year probably doesn't matter much I still regret missing it because this disease does not get better with age.
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