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I am just trying to find out the meaning of genotype 1b and what does that mean with  having liver transplant in April 2010. The hepc is back and the genotype is 1b
on peg and ribavirin.....
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There are nine major HCV types with 1b being a subtype just as 1a.  Your question is too vague otherwise and I don't understand what you're asking specifcally.


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This is a link you might find helpful and following is cut/pasted:

"The hepatitis C virus (HCV) has at least six distinct genotypes, which are just different sequences of the virus's DNA, which are identified by a number. These six genotype sequences are enough alike to be a hepatitis C virus, but have enough small differences between them to be organized into six different groups. In addition to genotypes, there are over 50 subtypes within those genotypes, which are identified by a lowercase letter. These different "strains" of hepatitis C virus result from the high chance of mutation in its genetic code when it replicates. Over the years very similar, but technically different, types of hepatitis C virus develop. Regardless of the type of HCV, they all cause the same disease -- hepatitis C. In the United States, about 57% of people with hepatitis C have genotype 1a, which is the most common type. Genotype 1b is in about 17% of people. Genotypes 2 and 3 are the next most common.
It is certainly possible to be tested to find out which genotype you have, and it's actually a good idea to find out because different types best respond to different treatment. For example, genotype 1 is generally more difficult to treat and people with this genotype have less than a 50% chance of clearing the hepatitis C virus. However, people with genotype 2 or 3 have greater than a 50% chance of clearing the virus.
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Thank you so much i now understand what it means.
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You're welcome. Keep askin questions! Lots of great folks and info!
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Here is more than you could ever want to know about genotypes.

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Thank you for your help. checking it out now.
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