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Hepatits C/Cirrhosis, share my YHK reviews here.

(* I posted my story to other liver community here on MedHelp few days ago...and a kind member suggested me to post here, so here I am again.*  Hi to all, I just want to share my experience here and if this is not suitable then please delete my post. Thanks)

I would like to share my story and pray for all who are still waiting and worrying on their liver health. Your turn will come, just keep looking and trying!

I have had hepatitis C since I was 30 (I am 56 now) but have been symptomatic for the past 6 years.
I tried interferon before but it didn’t work for me and the side effects turned my life upside down.

About a year ago my health was dropped to the extent where I found very difficult to wake up in the morning with heavy head and pain in joints. My previous liver test had indicated that my liver scarring (Fibrosis) was reaching to stage F2 from living with Hepatitis C for more than a decade.

This caused me frustrations and sleepless nights, because I knew liver cancer will be the next step and won’t be too long for me to reach there.
So I started to google all info I can think of and visited few other liver specialist for more opinions.
Then one of my liver specialist recommended trying YHK as he said another patient had good success with symptom relief for Hepatitis C and cirrhosis. So I ordered a smaller pack of YHK sometime in late 2015 and received it a few days later.

I email the company and they suggested me to take 6 tablets a day for 2 weeks then checkup liver function to see the results. I noticed an improvement in my energy levels and my body feel lighter and movable after 3~4 days of taking YHK, and believe it or not, my following blood test showed that my ALT has normalised from 132 to 36.

I don't even know how this could happened from a small tablet but it was a big relief for me and my family. I had never see this low for many years and my condition is very satiable since, also liver fibrosis seems to be under controlled which is a massive bonus too.

I have been lucky enough to spend quality time with my family and hopefully my YHK review can help someone out there who are waiting, treatment that failed.
Because I believe YHK can be your hope to stop the liver disease progressing.

Life is GOOD, Don't give up!
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Have you treated your hep C with the new generation medicines that have been approved in the last 2 years?

If not please see your health care professional.  Hep c is attacking your liver every day if you really want to help your liver get treated and cured of hep c. With these new medicines treatment could be a simple as 1 pill a day for 8 or 12 weeks with the odds about 98% for most patients you will be cured. These new meds are very well tolerated and are curing the majority of patients even those like myself with advanced liver disease F4 cirrhosis for 8 years and hep c for 37 years plus a multiple treatment failure.

Get tested, get treated, get cured! Fight hep c.
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Hey thanks for your comment.
The good thing is my liver function has been normalised and a huge improvement on fibrosis as well. So I am very happy with this results so far, but having said that, I am an open-minded person, will try others if it's worth it.

I'm not sure if YHK can cure all the virus, but I am just so grateful that it worked for me in a good way. All I can say is, other than chemicals, natural ingredients can Fight Hep C too!
YHK does not cure hep c it has been shown to reduce liver injury as evidenced by lower liver enzyme test results but you still carry the hep c virus.

The only effective cure for hep c are the new treatments like Harvoni, Sovaldi, Olysio, Viekira Pak, and the newest Epclusa. They have different names outside the US in most cases.
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Sorry forgot to mention, I could not log into my account KKM1122 for some reason, so mini1228 is the one I just signed up today. Thanks.
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you are correct, nothing better than clear the virus but all I wanna say is YHK  is such a strong and beneficial liver tonic from my experience. Especially to those who can't get the treatment or struggling with their conditions, it could be their backup plan.

I don't quite agree. If they can't get treatment they need to fight to get effective treatment. As a supplement it may have some value but nothing beats cured.

I am remain unconvinced as to the benefit on a liver with advanced cirrhosis. Cirrhotic tissue is dead tissue you can't resurrect a dead liver in someone in advanced liver failure.
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