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Hepatitus C patients receiving breast implants

Hello.....Can Hepatitus C patients be denied cosmetic surgery?
In particular breast implants?  Shawna
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I think not. Look at Pam Anderson.
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I think Pamela Anderson had the guns before her HepC diagnosis.  The answer to your question is yes.  Doctor's always turn down unecessary surgical procedures.  God Bless
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I doubt she'll be replying. This post is like 8 years old. She might have already had 5 transplants by now.

Someone had bumped it up with a herbal breast augmentation add and I reported it.


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Yes, doctors don't have to operate on patients with hepatitis C. Same goes for HIV or someone with a live grenade inside them. A doctor, in California at least, can refuse to take on any patient even if they just don't like them. If the patient already is under the doctor's care, it's a different story. There's a law about abandoning patients where it's the doctor's responsibility to help the patient find another physician and to take care of any emergency problems in the meantime.

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Shawna might be sporting some "DD" by now.  Post was from 2000.
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i think it should be a gift to all of us who want them for going through tX!
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