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Here I go! And for other posts..........

I have posted a few times here and have been reading everyone's post daily for about 2 years now.  Have to say, very informative.  My appointment for the clinical study at the Liver foundation is next Wed.  The anxiety is already setting in.  Don't know if I am excited about finally getting treatment or just down right scared!  Had a phone interview last night and I could be starting treatment here in about 30 days.  Only 2 slots left and I get to fill one of them.  The study clinic folks sound great and asssured me they will hold my hand and be there for me every step of the way.

Have to have another biopsy, all the BW done, eye exam...........ya'll know the routine.  Had I not found this website, hell I would not know the routine!  

SOOOOOOOOO HERE I GO! 48 WEEKS!  Suppose I will be a regular on here now.  Look forward to everyone's support that ya'll are all so gracious with.  Please feel free to use this for other posts.  Sorry I took this one up............

Wishing you all the best of health!
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The song is that GP's over-prescribe AD's and shrinks under-prescribe.

My hep medical staff hands them out like candy but like Cuteus, I decided to wait and see.

After the anemia hit on week 2, I thought I had made a mistake and asked my shrink for some ADs. He told me I wasn't depressed and to hold on. We argued for the next couple of weeks and then I felt better. Looking back, think it was more the anemia than anything else. Procrit is what brought me back.

I still don't rule out ADs for the future. Never know what tx will bring.

Certainly, if you've ever had any serious depressive episodes in the past it's probably a good idea to get started on them before begininng treatment.

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jmjm530,  I will know more after my visit next Wednesday.  The study is here in Houston in the medical center.  The study is to analyze success rate between Caucasions and Latinos.  Thats what I understood last night on the phone interview.  She said this was a better study than the one that will be starting up again in another month........Did not want to wait, so I jumped on the band wagon!

Will keep you posted though............Fish
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Fisheress - I love your name - Welcome.  I will do shot 4 this Friday.  The forum is a life saver - I wish my doctor would read it.  The anxiety is a major issue until you start.  Coming here and reading helped me immensely.

Bobby - my doc never even mentioned AD's and since I didn't and don't want them (unless it becomes absolutely necessary), I never brought it up.  Unless you have suffered from depression in the past, I would wait.  

Jmjm - does the Procrit drug company have a hotline you could call?   This is the second post I have read about shoddy packaging.  I'll bet they wouldn't do that with lobster!
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Hi -- The same thing happened to me and both my peg and procrit arrived warm. I called both companies directly (after my phamacy told me something unbelieveable like "oh don't worry, it should be fine for two weeks at room temperature!!!!" Both the procrit and peg people told me that 24 hours at room temperature would be alright. I figured when the shipment had left the pharmacy with the cold packs and most likely the meds were at room temperature no more than 5 or 6 hours. So if this was the case for you, it sounds like you are o.k.. It is awfully nervewracking to deal with these problems -- especially with items that have such a direct impact on our well-being and treatment success. I was ready to refuse all the meds (I don't want anything threatening the positive outcome of my tx...) but felt very reassured after speaking with the companies directly.  Best to you.
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Lobster would'nt arrive at all!
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The study I am on is COMPARASION OF PEG-INTRON 1.5ug/kg/wk PLUS REBETOL vs PEG-TNTRON 1ug/kg/wk PLUS REBETOL vs PEGASYS 180 ug/wk PLUS COPEGUS  in previously untreated adults with hcv Geno type 1. I am on the third arm of the study .

I too went to the DR. Tho he gave me a RX for Ad he did so with hesitation . Neither of us feel I am depressed , just stressed. I was also very anemic , still am to my way of thinking . I function at 14 hgb normally not at my present 10 . No doubt it has some effect. :) Also no sleep one month straight. So I tired the sleepers . I have to admit I am feeling a bit more like myself. I use Xanax when I panic . Gee, life spins out of my control and I like my little orderly world. I have not needed the Xanax often , but they are there and are used when I cant bring things into perspective. ( Actually I pour them into my boyfriends coffee , it works like a charm )LOL...I thought that was a good joke.
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