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Here We Go...Questions from Human Resources at my job

I work for a nat'l major paint co. & just got a call from HR.
They are challenging my reasons for taking weekends off.
I have my FMLA paperwork in place & they must be reviewing it now. Anyhow, they are trying to get me to change my day that I take my shot so that I can work some weekends??  I was pretty abrupt about it and told her that No, I can't change the day I take my shot & I don't think they realize the seriousness of this treatment & that it is a form of chemotherapy. I explained that the main reason I take the shot before the weekend is so that I can have my husband here to take care of me.
Keith (hubby) thinks that they may try to pull a shi**y, to try to drive me out of my job and I need to be prepared for what might come up with the stigma of this disease. *sigh*
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Unfortunately a few of us have gone through a lot with "corporate" having this disease.  Although it is blatant discrimination they seem to really be ablee to do what they want.

As you ARE ON CHEMOTHERAPY (and yes IT IS in fact one of the treatments for leukemia for example) you DO NEED TO TAKE IT AT THE SAME TIME every week.  You can't change the day on a whim. It is serious medication and if you are doing your job the other 5 days scr*w them.  Oh it makes me so upset.

I just always wonder why they cant just go "wow I'm so lucky it's not me" and be KIND.  And help make it easier!  But they can't. NO compassion left in corporate America today.

I'm so sorry. It's SO WRONG.  Since you have the FMLA papers all filled out and approved that might make it hard for them to really do anything?  I would fight fight fight and back them into a corner. As long as you are keeping up your part of the deal that was already agreed to - how can they just want to change it now?

Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God I need to join a gym (too lazy) or just get a punching bag for at home!  I have so much ANGER right now!
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A number of people in the forum have been dealt some real challenges by employers. They just have to understand that this is something that you can't turn on and off and switch days. After 12 weeks of the FMLA and employer can be wicked, the Cobra comes into play and job position elimination is another card some will play. Debbie (NYgirl) had a real dandy of a boss and went through some problems. I let my wife think these problems through for me now just because of the "thinking problem" that the drugs cause. Good luck. Dale
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Thanks you guys.  It really did upset me today.
I'm with you NY...I need a punching bag or a bullet to bite right now. :(...
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I really wish that this forum also had a chat. I would really like to "talk" to some of you sometimes.
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Everyone is right, it is chemo and you do need to take the shot on the same day and also you need ( and deserve) to do your shots on the days when Keith can help nurse you through it. I'd contact a labor law attorney for advice. You have done all the right things and made all the proper notifications here and they do not have a leg to stand on so stay strong and F**K them. Too bad they want you to work weekends! How rude of them! They better all hope THEY never get sick. You are in the right here and they are treading in dangerous waters that could cost them BIG TIME. That's why I say to consult with a labor atty. so you can have everything in place and have an idea of the legal aspects should they try any funny stuff with you. If they try anything, sue the pants off of them. Usually the first consult is free, so find the top dawg in your area and get him/her's advice and know you have the atty. there should it come to that. Do not alter your shot days for them or you will be stuck fending for yourself on those days and take it from me, that can be really difficult sometimes.
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Thank you.  I will fight tooth & nail if I have to.
Im going to start documenting everything now regarding the work issues.
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