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Hi I'm new here

Hi everyone I'm new here and a chronic HepC 1a with early cirrohsis, I've done one course of Inf therapy which failed. I am now due to start a new triple therapy and the prospect is fillinng me with dread, the first time was bad enough. I'm just introducing myself and will try to get around the site to see what support is available.

Many Thanks
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Welcome to the forum, and I applaud you for your courage and willingness to try another round.  Hopefully this time you'll knock down the virus for good!

My husband, like you, has cirrhosis and did the double treatment, but he relapsed too.  Unfortunately because he developed HCC (liver cancer) he cannot try the triple therapy, but there are quite a few cirrhotics here who are doing it and hopefully they will chime in and lend their support.

With existing cirrhosis I hope you are maitaining a good diet and appropriate restrictions; low salt, low fat, high protein, no red meat, NO alcohol... hopefully you have a hepatologist or GI who has experience with cirrhotics and treatment, as it can have its own set of challenges.  Want to wish you the best of luck! ~eureka
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Welcome to the forum amitrix!  I can understand dreading starting treatment especially if you have first hand knowledge from prior tx.  It is tough.  The good news, you are much more likely to be successful this time with the new triple therapy.  

You have found a great group of people and a great resource for helping you get through this.  I am so glad I found this forum.  It has made me so much stronger through this.
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The new triple therapy seems to be having outstanding results ..
Welcome to you...
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Welcome Amatrix
I am in the same boat as you. I have treated twice and the hep c returned. stage 4, and getting ready to start the triple med's with incevik real soon. After the first 2 attempts knowing what we go through, I am not looking forward to this at all. This forum is great for support and good helpful info from people who have been there, done that.
I suggest you read as many of these threads here that are similar to your situation and also learn what you can to prepare for the triple meds like what to have on hand for the possible side effects.
Remember this effects us differently like some people can maintain going to work while others are pretty much down in bed.
Good Luck Bro!
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Welcome to the forum.  There are many of us here who are relapsers and quite a few cirrhotics.  The triple therapies are working.  Most people are choosing Incevik - or I should say, their doctos's are, but a few of us are taking Victrelis.  

If you click my avatar or name, you will go to my home page where I have posted as pictures  spread sheets of forum members - most of which are on triple therapy and started after about July.  Although there has not been enough time to see who will SVR, you can look at the amount of UND's posted with the PIs.  Pretty impressive.
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Good luck with the triple therapy.  The side effects are tough, but from what I've read on this forum and observed for my husband, manageable.  The results appear to be excellent.  Go for it!
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Welcome to the forum.  You will find an amazing amount of info and support here.  
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