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High Ammonia Levels

I've had HepC for many years now. I just recently found out about my high levels. The doctor wanted me to take lactulose, but to be honest I can't stand the taste of it. I've had to take so many meds in my lifetime that it's very hard for me to take any medicines. Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice?
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Yes, take the lactulose! I'm sorry but I stopped taking it and landed up in the ER, completely delirious. I could have died. I only have small snippets of memory from that episode.
You also should have a low protein diet, no red meat, just chicken, fish and tofu.

I didn't like the taste of lactulose either but you can drink lots of water or juice immediately after.
A good doctor told me how to regulate it.  
You want 2-3 soft stools daily. If you have more, use less.

Good luck
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the brain damage caused by high ammonia levels not to mention accelerated liver damage are not what you want either right?

I think the better part of valor is to tolerate the taste so that you can keep your wits about you...unless dymentia, brain fog and liver failure sound good to you.
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I used it as a prebiotic. The first script was unflavored and a teaspoon hid very well in a cup of coffee, the next was flavored with some citrus something YUK!
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Take the Lactulose - that is the least of things that you might not want to do.  I take it straight.  But mix it in a glass of juice if you want.   It doesn't matter how it gets into you!

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Hi I am a little late to help however I thought better late than never.
I take the lactulose as a preventative.  I have researched what can happen if your ammonia gets to a level that affects your brain.  I did not know the other things and will research further.  Out of all the stuff I have taken in an attempt to kill this virus, two tablespoons a day is not much.  I would eat dirt if it would make me well.
I wish you luck
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I take mine mixed with 8 ozs. of Orange Juice.  Covers the nasty flavor well.  Having had a bout of Hepatic Encephalopathy I can tell you the Lactulose is the better alternative.  Good luck.
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