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High Ferritin levels

Last week blood results were...

Ferritin 455             (range 22-322)
Iron      87             (range 49-181)
Iron Binding Capacity 286(range 250-450)
Iron Saturation 30       (%18-50)

Three weeks ago....
Iron, Serum was 258.
Glucose slightly high at 106  (range 65-100).
ALT (Liver Enzymes) was slightly high at 55, three weeks ago too.

Everything else normal.  Never had high iron beform that I am aware of.  Historically, over last 5 years, maybe 2-3 times liver enzymes slightly high.  But later normal.  RBC count high, but later normal.  CPK sometimes high.  I workout alot and the doctor has surmised that the rise in RBC, CPK, liver enzymes etc, is so slight and could be attributed to dehydration, muscle breakdown etc.  Sometimes chlosterol high and 2 months or so ago it was but now normal due to diet and supplementation.

BTW going to test my transferrin saturation Monday.

I do have a hemangioma on my liver that I think is 1-2 cm and has not grown.  Found in '05 and checked again in '06.

I do not drink much, take in lots of protein, workout alot, lately have been taking Omega-3s, Red Yeast Rice and no-flush Niacin (for high cholesterol etc.)  Also in last 2 weeks Milk Thistle, Liver Care supplement,  Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmeto, Flax seed.

My question, should I be alarmed?  Can you have a high ferritin reading and it amount to nothing?  What could cause a high reading?


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I am by no means an expert...serum ferritin level is an indication of the amount of iron that you have stored in your liver- the liver and spleen are the major sites of iron storage.  High ferritin, in the absence of a specific iron-storage disease, can be caused by inflammation.  If your doctor isn't alarmed- you are probably ok- but you should keep an eye on it as iron catalyzes many oxidative reactions- it can cause cell damage.  As you may know, it is the inflammatory response of your immune system that causes the liver damage of hepatitis. You don't want chronically high iron.  The rest of your iron measures look good- so maybe this was an anomaly- have it checked again though and ask your doctor to track it.
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I am also by no means an expert.  I think clearly any time you are out of the "range" of a test it is a call for attention and action.  In this case excess iron is something that can be treated.  Excess iron is bad for a variety of reasons.  It can clog your liver, cause organ damage, I've read it suggested that it may somehow advance liver disease, viral replication, or further advance other extra-hepatic diseases or symptoms.  In high excess it can lead to organ failure and various permanent types of damage to your body.  It is serious, although perhaps not at your current level.

I would google the topic; iron overload or hemochromatosis will give you some good information.  Make sure you are doing something to improve your situation.  I can think of one possible reason that slightly elevated iron may be a good thing and that might be during treatment.  Many people end up anemic.  IF you have iron in your system at least the body can access it somewhat easier.

Good luck and it will be interesting to hear what they say.

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I had high ferritin levels, too.  Take Ip6 (Inositol). Many docs don't know about the Inositol, this came from my Naturapath.  It is harmless, and it
lowers your ferritin levels in about 3 mos.  You can to go to an oncologist and check to see if you have Hemochromatosis.  I had half the gene.  If you have it, they say you can lower your ferritin with Ip6 instead of a phlebotomy.
You can't get the viral load down without keeping the ferritin in check.  There are numerous articles on Iron Overload.  
(Don't take supplements with iron in them)


Good Luck!

Info on Ip6
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I also had high ferritin levels and am Hep C positive.  My doc. indicated he did not want to do anything about it while I'm on Hep C treatment.  He indicated that once the Hep C is gone I should see these levels start to go down.  
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