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High Glucose? What to ask my doctor?

Glucose as of yesterday was "100" (65-99 normal). A month ago was "105". In the 90's a month before that. Any reason for concern? Any questions/further tests for my cardiologist who I'm seeing this afternoon?

TC 212(H)  HDL 33(L)  LDL 141(H) TRI's 189(H) Looks like I'll be getting the Statin talk this afternoon no doubt. I've been doing between 60-120 minutes of cardio for the past two weeks. I shudder to think what my Tri's would look like if I was sedentary. That amount of exercise should have burned them off but apparently didn't enough.
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Serum Insulin was "9". Normal is <17.
Unrelated: Platelets: "161" which is similar to pre-treatment. I would have thought platelets would rise post treatment due to a healing liver. Anyone notice any changes in platelets one way or the other from pre to post treatment?
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hi jim,

my platelets went down on treatment, from 348 to 200.

i know they'll take at least six mnoths to get back to normal.

In your case, we know it took more than 20 YEARS for your platelets to get from near 300 to 160s.  So, common sense says that it will take YEARS for them to get anywhere near that level.  (when damage takes that long, reversal must take at least half as long, right?)

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also, i think u may habve missed an earlier post for u.

i recommended aloe vera gel for post treaters who have confirmed SVR.  

aloe vera is an excellent natural anti inflammatory herb: its great for skin inflammation, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders.  it really does make a difference.

it also contains amino acids and is a storehouse of virtually ALL nutrients known to man.

however, i have a feeling it may compromise SVR during or right after treatment.  Therefore, only people with 6 months post UND should take aloe vera gel.

-- I also have a question for you...do you think diclofenac sodium(voltaren) can compromise SVR? i'[ve been taking a 25mg pill before every shot.
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Thanks for responding. Supposedly, fibrosis reversal can take place quite quickly, even during treatment, however the tx drugs themselves will suppress the platelets. I'm one year post treatment now so expected my platelets to rise based on what I think might be some fibrotic reversal. I'll mention to my liver specialist next month but his answer to most of these questions is "that's normal, don't worry" sort of what I tell you most of the time :)

-- Jim
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but jim are you aware of diclofenac sodium? its a common anti pyretic drug...however, the internet says its not as safe as tylenol.  

whats your take on it?
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also i think you should take aloe vera gel really seriously... i think its the answer to 50-70 percent of the post tx symptoms YOU in particular are experiencing :)
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It's an NSAID which some doctors prescribe on tx but many, like my doctor, prefer Tylenol instead. However, this has nothing to do with SVR, I think it might have to do with bleeding. Volatern will not compromise your SVR in any way. Not to worry. As to Aloe Vera gel, never heard it could compromise SVR. I've tried it for my stomach inflammation but haven't noticed anything positive or negative. How long does it take to work. I've been using the liquid, not the gel per say. Health food store guy said they're similar.
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I noticed on my blood work that my Glucose was at 89 which was pretty surprising to me personally yesterday.

But then...during treatment I did eat BADLY LOL
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I suggest you use the most expensive, highest quality gel available in your area.  If you can, get a Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant and grow it in your backyard.  Studies have shown that aloe vera potency is reduced within 24 hours of cutting and extracting the gel.  so yo need a very high quality manufacturer, OR, as is even better, get your OWN PLANTS.

my family uses the raw plant, fresh gel cut out of the leaf.  It has a very rapid, and extremely strong effect.  it works, and is VERY STRONG.

Thats why I recommend you to never take it on an empty stomach...the rapidly absorbed, high concentration nutrient rush can cause you to feel very dizzy indeed.  it can also give you diarrhea.

The dose of the plant gel is 1 tablespoon of freshly cut gel a day, preferably 2 hours after lunch.
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i was so crazy i used to drink like 5 tablespoons of the fresh gel mixed in orange juice after workouts.  but tahts just me i am crazy :)
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My experience has been that my platelet count never got very far above low normal with the exception of right after my motorcycle accident. I was on drugs that cautioned about platelet drop yet mine went from 140 - 150,000 into the 240,000 range. My PCP said that can occur after severe trauma and that mine would get back to my "normal" in a month or 2. That's exactly what happened. You're normal so I wouldn't worry about it. I think as we age a high platelet count might not be all that good - I'm thinking stroke possibility. If my clotting time is good that's all I care about.
I would watch my carb intake with a glucose reading like yours. You know everything I could say about exercise and carbohydrates. They say wine can decrease blood sugar and I think I may have seen that in my situation. But, I am diabetic so hypoglycemia can and does rear it's head from time to time. I also wonder about reefer's affect on blood sugar - does it lower it?  I tend to believe that it may. Am I getting into real trouble here Jim? I really don't care if I am. These are things that have occurred to me and there isn't a lot of information about either of these agents and their impact on blood sugar -in particular reefer and glucose. I wonder why that is. I'd be careful if I were you Jim and I'd be happy that I treated successfully before these negative predictors surfaced - if, in fact, they are. I think that is one factor that isn't stressed enough when deciding whether to treat - the negative predictors associated with aging. Mike
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and more:

aloe vera isn't effective for GERD or reflux.  

its efficacy lies in stomach ULCERS, ARTHRITIS, PSORIASIS, BACK PAIN, MUSCLE PAIN, and autoimmune diseases. its also great for BLOATING and FLATULENCE.
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The glucose level of 100, what were the conditions?  Was this a blood draw or glucose meter? Reading, after fasting, upon waking?.  My doc suggests that that I should take readings each day (handheld gluscose meters) alternating between morning (before eating) and next day in the PM (around 2 pm) after eating and into my day.  The targets should be about 100 (am) and 120 (pm).  Control through diet and exerceise limiting sugar, carbs, fats while enhancing veggies, protein, water, exercise, sleep and good sense.  Most of your stuff sounds pretty good to me and it seems like your healty lifesytle is paying off for you.  Also, you might cut down on other syrupy things like Dancing with Stars and AI.
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Hiya Jim,

The BG values you mentioned above, while not textbook ideal, do not seem to be something in themselves to worry about. I have read some of your recent posts lately about metabolic syndrome, etc, so I understand your concern about possible pre-diabetes being a factor.

You might ask your doctor for the following labs to R/O diabetes-related issues:

1) Hg A1c test; this test
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Readings from blood draw. Fasting. Usually between 10AM and 1PM. Does the serum insulin mean anything?


I'll get back to you after I see the doc. Thanks.
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Given the Glucose was not that much over norm on a fasting test, I would not think that it would be an area of great concern, particularily with insulin showing in normal range.

Sounds like this might be a good question to take to the Diabetes forum though as the folks there would probably be much more knowledgeable on it than many of us.
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I don't know much about serum insulin. I assume that if your serum insulin is normal or high and your glucose is also high that means you are insulin resistant. You are producing enough insulin but it is ineffective or less effective than it should be. Since your BG is not really elevated much I wouldn't think that you have an insulin resistance issue. But, that's just off the top and I could be way off. I don't think that your BG is anything to lose sleep over - I'd just watch it and my diet and exercise. Mike
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I ain't no gluco-ologist, but I really don't think your numbers are that out of line at all. Slight, occasional variations outside of defined norms usually aren't terribly meaningful in of themselves from my learnins'. Type II diabetics can have numbers soaring way, way above a mere 100 or 104. And what about that A1C blood sugar history test (or whatever they call it), did you get that done?  And like Flguy says, the fasting time is important. You say you fasted between 10AM and 1PM? That's not a long fast, usually when I'm told to fast prior to a blood draw they tell me at least 8 hours is required. This is usually orchestrated by having the last meal before going to bed, and then get up and go straight to the hospital in the morning without breakfast (with a growling stomach). Do you recall what you typically ate prior to getting your blood draws? Starchy and sugary foods prior to the draws could also elevate the glucose a bit above normal. Also, I think it's normal for most people to lose at least a little of their insulin sensitivity as they get older (as you probably know insulin is how your body internally regulates sugar levels). Especially in those that have experienced a long history of liver disease (even if it's now resolved). I pretty much expect to eventually develop some type of insulin insensitivity, or outright type II diantes later in life due to my infection with HCV (even if I SVR soon). My dad developed type II diabetes in his mid-50's (he completely manages it with diet and exercise today though), so there is a genetic component too. Anyone in your direct family have any form of blood sugar problems or diabetes?
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Thanks and now off to the cardio. I doubt he will be concerned with BG but wanted to get your feedback. As to diet and exercise, making a lot of efforts here including over an hour of cardio a day plus signficant diet modifications. Been fighting off the Statin thing for some time now but time may be running out.

-- Jim
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I just thought of something
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WHAT, you mean eating all that ice cream is bad for you?

Get out of town!  I looked at it that if it made me feel better than the fatigue of the anemia, it must be a good thing !!!!
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funny you should mention this, was talking with a much revered member of this board just the other day and she said her glucose was a little high (like yours, very little) and that it stablized the longer she was away from treating, over a year now...maybe a lot of things begin to stablize the longer you are away from treating...just a thought...
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aloe vera gel compromises SVR at any time? that's a stretch, with all due respect...where did you get this stat? some significant gallons of Jim Beam? now you might be on to something, but aloe vera gel? it's just a plant...hope youre well...
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I tend to think you might be on to something about reefer and the lowering of blood sugar, hence the munchies...and I'm a hypoglycemic (not the diabetic kind) and a few puffs would definitely lower mine...and all the panic that comes with that, (for me anyway) so that's why I left that off years and years ago now...did go nice with Jimi Hendrix though, boy am I aging myself!
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