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High Uric Acid Levels

I've had High uric acid Levels before Tx and while Txing...  I'm having problems with my back it might be Kidney stones.. I'm going to get an Ultrasound to make sure... Is the high uric acid level the cause of my back pain??
How can i lower these levels?? The pain is in the right side kidney area... If it is kidney stones what do i do?? The study nurse might tell me to stop Tx... and i dont want this to happen.. Please help!! thank you!!

TippyClubb funny you mention high uric acid levels!!!
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I mentioned it because my uric acid is high 8.5 and it started out in normal range.  Trial nurse is not worried because she said it can get into the 30's before they are concerned. I've been having some lower back pain ( kidney area ) also and they did a check for infection but it came out ok.  The pain comes and goes so not sure if this is normal for kidney stones.  

I stated to drink lots of Cranberry juice and that seemed to help, but not really sure.  I know one thing the Cran juice wont hurt you.

I'm going to keep an eye on the uric acid levels and if the pain persist get a ultra sound like you.  Keep us posted on what you find out.

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I forgot to tell you few weeks ago I did a quick google search of lowering uric acid.   They said increase Vitamin C, which you would get in the cranberry juice.  Plus there are foods to eat, and foods to avoid.  Google it and try it and see if it helps any.  Only thing I am doing is the cranberry juice everyday. They also said to decrease sugar intake but the juice is loaded with sugar.  What to do ?  I'm just going to keep drinking it and see if my levels are lower next week.
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You can buy cranberry juice with nothing else added. It's bitter and then some, but I somehow got used to it. Prepare to pucker those lips.
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Ty --I have been looking for it
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I do drink alot of Grape Juice it has alot of vitamin C also.. I will try the cranberry juice.. I need to do something.. I will keep u posted..
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Just a reminder that any fruit JUICE has a high natural sugar content and can spike your glucose level.
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