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Hitgh Blood Pressure on Tx

Whats up guys!! I'm 6 weeks into Tx now.. I'm still feeling pretty good.. No exteme Sx so far... I'm in the Telaprevir trial and i go to the study nurse almost every week to get the blood test and to get a quick physical.. well every time i go my blood pressure is threw the roof... 148/102 I went to my regular doc and she gave me a script for blood pressure meds... Do you think the Hep C Meds are causeing my high blood pressure???

i'm already taking 12 pills aday for the hep c, now i gotta take more pills.. Great
I know high blood pressure is a serious thing and i wanna know if i can get away with out taking the pressure meds??
Is there a different way to fix my blood pressure without taking the meds??? or should i shut up and just take the pills?? lol

I did have little problems before tx with blood pressure but it turn out that i was just extremely **** off about having Hep c... so when i relaxed alittle my blood pressure would go to normal...

If nobody knows i am UND at 2 weeks into Tx.. I'm responding well :0)
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Great news about being UND and still feeling good.  

I don't know about the blood pressure but did you get the script your doc wrote okayed with your trial nurse?  Vertex provided me a list of meds not to take and there's a lot of them for high blood pressure on the list.  Just make sure they know what your taking.

At first my blood pressure was a little low and she told me the meds could do that but I don't know about it being high.  I'm sure some one will.
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yup i talk to the trial nurse and she OK the blood pressure meds..
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To Tippy:

I'd be very grateful if you'd post the high blood pressure meds Vertex says not to take.

To BB:

I'm as frustrated as you about the connection between high blood pressure and tx.

There really isn't a lot of information out there and few people here seem to have this 'side effect'. Many people may not monitor their pressure and wouldn't be aware of fluctuations. Or it may simply be uncommon.

I went from normal blood pressure before tx to continually increased doses, still with no success.

Before tx, all my techniques to control pressure without meds worked well. On tx, nothing works (so far not even the meds).

I have very elevated diastolic (resting) pressure, like you. Yours is high, at 102, and that's what I'm running into, even on meds. (The current ideal is 115/75.) My problem is that the meds send my systolic plummeting to 100, making me feel faint, but so far are ineffective for my diastolic. Bummer. It's tricky for the doc to sort out.

As you said, high blood pressure is serious when left untreated. It insidiously and slowly does damage that can have fatal consequences.

Treating it, though, can be a pain in the arteries.

I'd recommend taking the pills. I hope this is only temporary for both of us. Which ones did your trial nurse approve?

And congratulations on your UND at TWO weeks. That's huge, wonderful news. Do you know how many weeks you'll be treating altogether?

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Ok here is what it says:

Medications that should not be taken with Telaprevir because of potential for serious drug interaction.  

For high blood pressure:
bepridil, verapamil, diltiazem, felodipine, nifedipine, nisoldipine

There's plenty more on the list but only included the ones for high blood pressure.
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Thank you!
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so you take blood pressure meds and they dont work.. that ***** what does the doc say..

the trial nurse approved atenolol
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