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Hiv And Hcv Negative Antibody Test At 13,5 Week conclusive

I am 32 years old. After a crazy night of drinking I ended up with a csw. What happened that night after a certain time is very blur...It turns out that at some stage I had unprotected vaginal sex with her but no ejaculation.
She was Romanian (mentioned this just for statistics purposes) and when she noticed that the condom was not on she panicked and we stopped right away. The day after when I was able to start thinking again I noticed a slight wound on my penis but no signs of blood. Then I panicked and have had several exams done over time all of them negative. One week after the incident for precaution I was treated for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and hep b(I was vaccinated before though).
I have had multiple hiv 4th gen tests and 2 hep c (hcv IgG) tests being the last of them at 13,5 weeks all of them negative. Also had routine blood exams done at 13,5 weeks and all results are between the reference values. negative VDRL, neg hep b.
After more then 3 months of recurring panic (and its side-effects) and barely any sleep, At the moment I believe I am in the clear for hiv.,,May I assume this? My concern is now mostly with hep c as I have read in many forums and they all mention 6 months to be conclusive. I believe the 6 month period is only due to other potential viruses that may run in parallel such as hiv for example. Is there any other exam that can possibly be done to reduce this window?
I have no past immunodeficiency or chemotherapy
How accurate is the antibody test for both HIV and HVC at this stage? Could you please give me some more details.
Thank you in advance
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It takes an average 11 weeks to seroconvert to a positive antibody test according the the CDC. However, the CDC recommends in people who believe they had an exposure, and test negative at 12 weeks, to repeat the test at 24 weeks to be absolutely certain they have a true negative test. A viral load test ( HCV/RNA by PCR) is conclusive much earlier,and can be done without an antibody result,  but the test is much more expensive. Depending on the lab it can cost upwards of $500. Low cost ($220) is available. If you are interested please private message me for more information.
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I cannot answer your question about HIV. However, a viral load test (HCV/RNA by PCR) would definitely be conclusive at this point. It looks for actual virus rather than the antibody. Good luck.
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The test is accurate. Beyond that I'd go to the HIV section here.
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Thank you for the answer.

The anti-hcv is accurate, but is it conclusive?

In terns of HIV it is conclusive ate or after the 12 week mark. This is something my doctor told me,
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thank you for you helpful experience

Can i get a HCV/RNA without testing reactive to antibody? if so any idea on the cost?

In terns of HIV I was told by a specialist it is conclusive at or after the 12 week mark.
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The cost of the test will vary by lab.

My lab charges my insurance company about $400.00 I think.

I think I you are self pay you can get any test you want I don't know as I only get trsts my doctor feels are needed.

As far as HIV testing try the HIV group.

We  are patients with hep c and don't know about HIV
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The county clinic can do your tests for about 20 bucks.
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I meant to say county STD clinic. All they can tell is positive or negative. any more details needed with testing has to be done by your doc and the lab.
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I am getting a full std screening again on Monday. I specifically asked for hcv/rna by pcr to be done and asked also for the Dr to confirm if the hiv and hcv would be conclusive. His final answer was yes...
Will post my results.
Thank you all so much for your support and advice
The full screening btw will for 130€.

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I believe that is a price for an antibody test. The PCR's cost a lot more and many clinics that do low cost testing do not include PCR, unfortunately.
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Hello AWM,
I posted a question related to HCV a few weeks back and said I would come back with results after you advised me to get a PCR test. Turns out that no PCR test eas performed at the time.
What was performed was both antigen and atibody test for HCV, both coming back as negative. The doc reassured me that the type of exposure I was exposed to is very very very unlikely to have exposure risk.
From some of the info i have been able to investigate antigen test are very reliable and are in many cases used in stead of PCR tests in order to reduce costs.
Could you please tel me if you have any experience or knowledge on these.
Thanks in advance for sharing with me/us
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This may help you.

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Thanks for the link.
I went through it and I wasn't able to see any reference to antigen testing only antibody.

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Symptoms are caused by stress
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