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How Hard Will My Treatment Be For Genotype 2b.

I got the medication and start treatment tomorrow morning for my hepatitis C. I am wondering about your tx with ribivarin and sovaldi.  I am 58 years old and have also recently discovered I have hyperthyroidism (waiting on scans results and ultrasound) as well as an unknown kidney problem.  I already am tired and have nausea most of the time.  Does anyone know about this medication combo?  I take 3/200 mg of ribivarin in morning and 2/200 mg of ribivarin at dinner along with 1/400 mg sovaldi at night.  Dr. said the side effects are not as bad as when they gave interferon shots.  What were your side effects, if you have genotype 2b and had this treatment?  Thank you.
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Hi Helen,
I am not a 2b, I'm genotype 1a but I am on sofosbuvir right now and it's nothing to worry about at all as far as sx's go.  Solvadi is name brand for sofosbuvir so they are the same drug.  Ribavarin, is a different story but in my opinion that's why it's being prescribed in split doses now.  Years ago it was prescribed all at once, like 1,000 milligrams a day.  Honestly, I think you'll be fine with the split doses and all, you may not even have any sx's at all.  Just make sure you eat well before you dose.  Tx today is a walk in the park compared to years ago.  good luck!
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I took Solvaldi, Ribavirin and Interferon 2 years ago for 12 weeks, 1,000 mg of Ribavirin split morning and night, with the Interferon shot on Friday nights. I was G4 and am cured. I thought the Ribavirin had a lot of Sx. Notably dry skin, dry hair and extreme sun sensitivity right away. Also had gum problems from dry mouth for a while after that had to be treated. My hair also thinned out after, but has regrown. The most important thing to do is drink lots of water, 1/2 your weight in ounces, 160 lbs = 80 oz, more if you drink any caffienne or soda. Also use Biotene dental products to protect you teeth and gums. Also there can be "Riba Rage", and some depression issues with the Riba. Know that ALL of these Sx are short term and go away 6 months or so after Tx. Beneficial fats help with the absorption of the drugs. I ate a small amount of coconut oil in my cereal in the morning to help. There can be nausea with these drugs, so eating small snacks all day, in addition to the water helps. I found almonds and any ginger food helped. It is a very doable therapy. Good luck!
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I am now cured of Hep C. Also a Geno 2B. Sovaldi is a piece of cake. Riba, not so much. Drinking lots of water is a great idea, getting out for a walk too. Things continue to improve with dosing and I predict that Ribavirin will go the way of Interferon soon. Give yourself time to heal after treatment. Good luck!
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Treating geno 2 is relatively easy especially compared to interferon.  Consider 3 months of your life kinda on hold vs a lifetime of liver issues.
You will get thru it and in the end look back and be so relieved and grateful
From one geno 2 to another....The trip is so worth the journey!!!
My best
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