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How did you find out you had Hep C?

Rocker's thread about annual LFT testing got me wondering.  How did you learn that you had Hep C?

I was tested after my cancer surgeon noticed scarring on my liver when he reviewed my annual follow-up CT scans.  Later I learned that my PCP (former) had ignored elevated ALT and AST for more than 25 years.  By the time I was tested the liver damage was stage 2/3.  Good thing the surgeon ordered that test and asked questions or I would not have gotten tx!


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ugly liquid filled blisters on my hands which my PCP said was an allergy to dryer sheets.  Went to my derma and the rest is shall we say history............

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I gave blood and received letter from Blood bank.  Stating i was positive for hep C. I had several physicals over the years and was never tested for hep C.  
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PCT diagnosed by my Dermatologist.  Same symptoms as Denise and he told me one of the primary causes of PCT is HCV.  Bingo.  

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I hadn’t participated in the medical system for many years, with the exception of trauma, etc. I began feeling extremely tired, and this exhaustion led to an appointment with my PCP. He diagnosed type 2 diabetes, which I managed to gain control of. A year later, the fatigue continued. He eventually found the HCV after I continued to complain about being tired.  
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My story is a lot like yours in that my PCPs ignored my elevated LFTs since as far back as 1970 or earlier!  

I didn't find out about having Hep C until last year.  At my annual physical in April last year, my doc happened to finally mention to me that my LFTs were slightly elevated.  I never really thought I had Hep C but I had it lingering in the back of my mind since I had had a transfusion as an infant.  I reminded the doc about that but he scoffed at it and said, that if I never did drugs, I didn't have Hep C.  I had to argue with him to get him to test me for it. (And, no, he is no longer my doc).  After receiving my diagnosis, I traced my medical records back as far as I could find them and it turned out that my LFTs had been elevated beginning 40 years ago but none of my docs ever told me. And, to top it all off, I had had a yearly physical every single year of my life so there were a LOT of elevated lab reports.

The year prior to finding out about my Hep C, I had complained of right side pain to my doc, as well as unable to eat, etc.  He sent me to a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed.  The surgeon said he didn't think it was my gallbladder "but I'll take it out if you want me to."  I went back to my PCP (crying this time) asking him what I was supposed to do since the surgeon didn't think it needed to be removed.  My PCP said...it will make you feel better so just get it taken out.  So, I did.  Symptoms never went away.  Fast forward to finding out about Hep C and DUH! that was the cause of my symptoms...not the gallbladder.
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Tired, right.  Fatigue was my only symptom also.  I thought it was cancer related.  It probably was to some degree.  I often wonder if the chemo and radiation are related to the accelerated liver damage I sustained between surgery and the third-year follow-up.  Not that it matters, really.
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