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How likely are we to faint/collapse with anemia?

My boss has been really good about not making me travel the last few months... but he's really gearing me up for the fall season.  I have to do a long day tomorrow, 8 hours of driving, plus a 5 hour meeting.  I have to walk quite a ways... my HBG is sitting at 11.8, three weeks ago, but I feel like can mans sitting on my chest, I get light headed really easy.... my question: how do you know when its not light headed, I am going to collapse on the nasty streets of albuquerque, and nobody I'm with is big enough to carry me??  Seriously, does anything help?  I keep thinking "if I eat something, I'll feel better"... wrong.... Open to suggestions from other anemic travelers...

also, how often do we really just "pass out".... I would be mortified..
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think of fish out of water, and think fishdoc out of oxygen.  do anyoone look like they are passing out?

there is no way to tell when you are ready to faint sometimes. my daughter just fainted recently and all she remembers is feeling her eyes closing and the next thing she remembers is finding herself in a pile, on the bathroom floor, and a dent on the plasterboard wall.  Sometimes you have a warning and sometimes you don't.  Maybe upping your b vitamins like folic acid and b12 could help? oh! b6 also.  Of course, you could talk to your GI to give you Procrit and a decent shot at a 'normal' quality of life.
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It's only happened twice to me that I actually passed out and both times my husband was there. For me I find I have to sit down immediately for a bit and it will pass. That helps if you feel yourself getting too woosy and your eyes start to go black. I got a little handy lightweight foldup chair thing I can pop open at any given moment which helps. Also have a spritzer bottle handy because heat makes it worse and always have a hat. I don't know if I could take the heat in NM though. You are brave!
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I did sit on the floor in wally world for five minutes... i'm sure people just thought I was a drunk........but I would hate to pass out at a meeting...  I did faint once as a child.... laid my head open, stitches, tetanus shot... jeeeezzzz the indignities of it all....
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Ha fish , I haven't passed out yet but me brain sure does space out from the lack of o2 . Now wait a minute do I have a brain . Pulled out almost in front of 2 diff. cars yesterday, if not fer the wife who knows . I get dern liteheaded though, and have ta keep stopin in my tracks to catch my breath.

  My boss told the dyce to roll on back home yesterday before I kill meself. Procrit on the noon train tomarrow and I can't wait. If I can get back to 10.5hmg. or better I'll be a happy guy.
     Nothin has helped but rest fish, I'd do the wild thing but that may make the dyce pass out!
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I've fainted before, from a panic attack (I know, sounds lame but it happened) for me the room went dark, and I passed out, but luckily enough I had a few seconds before I knew to start headin down and break my fall a bit...next thing I knew there was a cluch of people looking down at me...ha ha! It was more embarrassing for me then anything else for me... I think what helped me is not associating it with dying like a lot a of people do with anxiety issues, you come to again...but of course, these are prob different circumstances then yours.....hope you get it sorted out and feel better really soon...
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I have never actually fainted.... the closest I have ever come to it was my vagal responce to my fear of needles... & that waqs more like a tunnel vision thing developing into a black out...

I'm lucky I guess because I was animic for both rounds & my Doc never saw fit to give me any boosters!!!

I wonder how others handle this kind of stuff... WoW!!
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