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How long can HCV survive on environmental surfaces?

I was discussing the long-term viability of HCV on environmental surfaces with another member in the forum today; I was convinced that the virus wasn’t viable for greater than 4 days under these circumstances.

This just came across my inbox from hivandhepatitis.com; it was reported in the CROI conference last week in San Francisco…I thought it was very interesting. It appears the virus can survive in syringes for up to two months given certain conditions…

“SUMMARY: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) can survive under certain conditions for prolonged periods in syringes used to inject drugs, thereby increasing the potential for HCV transmission, researchers reported at the 17th Conference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2010) last week in San Francisco. These findings are important for shaping needle exchange policies and practices.”


Pretty scary from an epidemiologist’s standpoint, eh?

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Hi Bill,

This is a very interesting topic and well worth looking into. I am intrigued by these findings, and appreciate the opportunity to further investigate by way of the provided website, and others as well. Thank you!
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I knew it could survive a long time in syringes, and I think there is a point below the needle where a type of vacuum is created in the right conditions?
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That is really really scary stuff isn't it? No wonder so many people have the disease - improper sterilization and the right circumstances and God only knows how many people were infected. Would explain the reason so many people don't know how they got infected to begin with.
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This is very interesting Bill, thank you for posting this information.

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