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How long does it take to get to UND on interferon/ribavirin alone?

For anyone who did SOC, do you know at what week(ish) you got to UND?

I'm in a phase III trial, BI 20133 (240 mg, 120 mg or placebo) and interferon/ribavirin.  I was DET under 25 at week 12.

At week 18 I was UND (just got that result from last week).  Of course I have no idea when I became UND because the PCR was only done at weeks 12 and 18.

There are three EOT times, 24 weeks, 36 weeks and 48 weeks.  I won't know if I'm finishing at 36 or 48 until January 20.  Darned sure I won't be finishing at 24 weeks due to my week 12 result.

I asked for a few of the other results:

WBC 2.7 (down from 3.3 on Nov. 28)
Hemoglobin 116 (about the same as Nov. 28)
Abs Neut 1.74 (down from 1.9 on Nov. 28)
ALT 11 (up from 9 on Nov. 28)  Started tx at 34
AST 15 (not tested on Nov. 28)  Started tx at 30

So everything's looking pretty good right now.  Nothing screaming reduction in ribavirin.  :)  Yet.

I have a pretty kick bum immune system, it would seem.  It kills everything, including pancreatic cells, my skin and esophagus.  ;)  Too bad it didn't kill this virus on its own, too!

Wondering if I might be one of the few who clears the virus on SOC...  Although I'm pretty sure I'm in the 120 mg arm.  But not positive.
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On just SOC one should be UND at week 12 for best chances of SVR and doing 48 weeks total, becoming UND between weeks 12 and 24 one should treat for 72 weeks.

I became und on SOC between weeks 16 and 24, extended tx but relapsed anyway.
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The first time I was und at 12-13 week, did 32 weeks and relapsed.
However I had decompensated cirrhosis.

Now, with a healthy liver, I was und at 4 weeks.
My doc said that upped my chances of SVR.

Good luck
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The 240 mg arm finished that medication at 12 weeks and continued to receive all placebo.  The 120 mg arm continues 120 mg until week 24.

After receiving the 'new' meds at week 12, I knew I wasn't in the 240 mg arm.  I had a side effect that was unique to my morning dosage (when I take the PI pill) for me.  Burning stomach.  So even before receiving my PCR results from week 12, I knew I hadn't been getting the 240 mg.

I wonder if receiving the PI for 24 weeks will increase my odds of SVR, if I am receiving it...  

Ah well, time will tell I suppose...
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Unfortunately, it isn't my choice about how long to continue treatment.  I'm in a study and I will remain on int/riba for 24, 36 or 48 weeks.  I'll find this out on Jan 20.

24 is OUT.  I'm at 19 weeks now and was very hopeful at the start of only doing 24...  But being in a double blind study I knew there was a chance I'd have to do 48.

There is no EOT option of 72 weeks in this study.  The longest is 48.

However, if I'm in the placebo arm, I'll be offered the rollover study where everyone receives the study drug.  That's approximately one year away.

My week 12 result was <25.  That was a 5 log drop.  So I'm choosing to see the good news and won't be discouraged!  :)

There are still other options available to me...
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