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How much water should combo patients be drinking per day?

Hi, I'm going to be starting combo treatment in less than two weeks and have a question. I've been researching and communicating with people who are in treatment, or who have already been through it (sometimes multiple times). I've heard over and over again that you should drink a LOT of water every day. Most combo vest have told me to drink at least a gallon a day, as it will really do a lot to lessen your sides. They even seem to say it ike this: "Getting ready for treatment? Better learn how to drink a lot of water REAL soon." And say it in a way like "Ohhhh you'll be sorry if you don't...you'll learn alright!" I also asked my RN about this and she confirmed that you should drink a lot of water and that it does significantly lessen sides. But, of course I've never been through this, so what do I know? Not much, so I'm hoping those with actual, extensive experience can tell me once and for all if this is a wive's tale, or it really is a good idea. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
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Half your body weight in ounces is an often used formula. If you weigh 200 lbs, you drink 100 ounces of water. Some say drink a gallon but many find that hard to get down and in fact it may over -hydrate you which may not be good. I rarely got half my weight in ounces down the shoot due to gastro problems. Others have reported similar. Hopefully you will find the formula that works best for you.
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Drink lots of water, that is what I have always heard. I started before tx to get used to it, as I wasn't used to drinking a lot of water. Now I drink it like crazy. I decided to drink ONLY water, so I wouldn't be tempted to drink Coke or something. I don't measure the amount, but I go through several cases of bottled water a week. I keep in a frig in my room and it goes fast!

We tend to be much drier in the mouth, at least I am, so it is very easy to drink lots of water I find.

I have heard there is an amt. you should drink, but as I said, I just drink it. I know some have said that you shouldn't drink too much, but I have only read that from a few people and haven't read much about it.

It must help with sx's, as it gets those toxins out of your body. When I am feeling bad from sx, water does seem to help me feel better at times.
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I've only been on treatment for two weeks and have had no terrible side effects.  I haven't succeeded in drinking the amount recommended (half your weight in ounces), but I drink much more than I did before treatment.  I didn't start drinking extra water until treatment began.

I have to believe that the good fluids you drink, other than water, also count towards the water quota.  For example, I had a large glass of milk with breakfast, a large glass of vegetable juice with lunch, and I'll have a large glass of weak iced tea with dinner (yeah-yeah....I know caffeine's not good for you, but I'm still drinking tea and coffee because I don't have SX's yet, and I'm stubbornly hanging on to my comfortable habits).

I wish you well with your treatment program!
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They say some coffee and tea are good for you as long as you don't drink too much. I too still drink my morning coffee and various teas. There is even a new study out saying coffee is beneficial to your liver. I agree with you, those other liquids do count towards your intake along with the water. I ow veggie juie is very good for you and your liver too.
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Most things I have read say water is not the same as other good drinks. I'm not sure why. I drink milk with meals and juice, but I can't seem to get enough water b/c my mouth is so dry.

What's wrong with coffee? There was an article a while back that said it helped people with their liver after drinking. I don't think that applies to us though.

We can't give up everything! Some coffee or tea is probably the least of your worries.
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I have heard that too, that other liquids "don't count" so I the NP about it and she said other liquids should not be substituted for a good daily water intake but do count as liquid intake. So I guess lots of water AND other things too is fine. I agree with you, we can't give up everything! I love my morning coffee too much to part with it!
Sorry you are having all that bone pain, I hope you have some good pain meds and it eases up for you soon. Glad the heat has passed too. How are you doing with the fatigue/weakness? I really related to what you said about shopping in another post. That is exactly what happens to me and I just end up leaving so I can go lie down. Shopping used to be a popular activity around here! I guess I should be happy with the money I am saving by not shopping.
I will be up there the first of Sept. hope it is nice. My Hgb is down and I am sick of feeling so weak but just today my husband was cheering me on to go the whole 72 weeks so I am going to try to hang in there until March. Hope I can.
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OK Kalio, I'm gonna give you my pep talk!!!  You can do the 72 weeks!  Just take it 1 week at a time.  You can do anything you put your mind too.  I know it
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Thanks! I looked on the site. It looks pretty good and isn't expensive either.  I normally don't take supplements, but I will try anything to get off this Neulasta. At least I only take it every 2-3 weeks, but it's brutal when I do.

On vacation I took steriods from the cancer dr. They worked really well, but I can't stay on them, as they cut the interferon's effectiveness.

I will bend down and get my wallet to order some of this!

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Thanks for your encouragement. You are so right, focusing on the positive is key. I like your idea of looking at it by "boxes" that will help the weeks go by faster. I try to look at how far I have come vs how far left to go but some days it is harder to do than others. Your husband is a lucky guy to have such a good supportive partner. My husband has been amazingly supportive, your husband and I are very lucky to have such supportive mates!
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I am considering giving up these Neulasta shots unless I go down to 200-300. These shots are too much! The pain does go away after many days and so does the headache. Then I will be out there shopping again for sure! Actually my weakness/fatigue doesn't seem too bad. Of course I am laying down, so how would I know?  

Before we left on vacation, I wanted to buy some summer clothes. I have one pair of shorts that are 10 years old. I just couldn't do it. I took the shorts I had. Luckily, it is clothing optional! Last night I did my grocery shopping online and had it delivered. What a great way to go! While in the stores, I usually have to find something to sit on and take a break every so often, or I send John. Yep, I'm gonna buy me a diamond ring with all the money I have saved over the year!

How long are you going to be up here? Are you going to Napa?
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I just did my first shot on thursday night, and if it wasn't for all the water I began drinking the week before (thanks to all the advice on this forum) I don't know what would have happened.
I found that the week before tx I just almost coudn't bear all the water, I felt..ewe, yuck. Well, I have found out that if I don't drink all that water, I get soooo ill. I have been told by my doc, and my nurse to drink half my whieght in oz. (or close to it) everyday. At first it was hard, but now I can't get enough of it, (since starting tx). I know from experience already that if I forget to drink that water, I get sick. I now thank the water, and it goes down great. Just can't get enough.
I am feeling better today finally, a little foggy headed and tired, but better.
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I drank a lot of water. I found when I didn't I got terrible headaches. I got to the point where if I felt a headache coming on I could sometimes cut it off at the pass by increasing my water intake. I drank it at room temperature and found that really helped with quantity. I think it also helped with the very dry skin and rash/bumps that can be a side effect of the treatment--moisturizing from the inside out! A side benefit for me, was that by drinking all that water I didn't have an appetite or room for soda/juice/chilled coffee drinks and all the other 'empty' calories I used to consume and I lost weight on treatment which I needed to do. Now that I'm post treatment I'm trying to keep it up. Good luck. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
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