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How prognostic is a 3 month post triple tx PCR

Well: 3 1/2 month actually. I'm going to have one monday and I've read on this forum that a 3 months negative is a very significant forecast of SVR at 6 months. Because of my dual therapy failure in the past and my cirrhosis I'm jittery... But (and it feels like a pregnant "but") because of my EVR (2.5. weeks) this time around with Incivek i'm cautiously optimistic. My last PCR was at therapy cessation and that was negative. So any 3 month stats or has it all been anecdotal. Thanks. d
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Heres a post from Will awhile back,

Congratulations on the 12 week Post PCR. Actually it means you have a 99.7 % chance of overall success given the most recent data,(I have linked this info below ..go to the 4th slide)

Best to you..

Kwo felt I was good to go being I was und at 3 months but being cirrhotic our fingers were crossed until I made the 6 month mark.
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this sounds so good for you dennis!!
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My mouse is sick. I cannot right click and paste.

Anyway, dennis, all I know is that I had relapsed at last 10 weeks post my first treatment.  I knew it because of raised ALT and AST levels, and it was confirmed with my 12 week post  VL test.

This time my 12 week enzymes are in the teens, and I am still waiting for the results from the QS

Good luck.  I am right there with you
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Best wishes on your 12 week post PCR.  I am hoping the best for you.
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"How prognostic is a 3 month post triple tx PCR "

Hopefully as prognostic as a 3 month post dual tx PCR.

Congratulations to your SVR12

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To date, I haven't seen anyone relapse on triple who was UND 12 wks post.  My money is on SVR.
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I read through some of our old posts tonight. We went through it buddy. Try and stay busy during the wait. I still hold my breath though. You've done it! I know you'll have GOOD NEWS! My very best to you my friend.
Karen :)
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Thanks y'all! My PCR will be delayed secondary to Hurricane Sandy shutting down NYC.....Unfortunately so many of our projections are based on a limited amount of factual information pertinent to cirrhotics who have failed previous therapy but this time around had an EVR maintained through the 48 weeks, i.e. I'm pretty sure the 99.7 % stat is less applicable to previous non-responders with cirrhosis......As an aside: The severe muscular cramps that haunted most of my nights have not come back since week 1 of triple therapy....d
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  I will be praying for good news, for you, and your beautiful family.  I also had unbearable muscle cramps, for several months before my Tx. Do you have any idea what it was from? Mine started when I also began to get dizzy when I got out of bed in the morning, and would stretch my legs.
  I also got the cramps from taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen
and even some herbal tinctures. I'm glad our cramps have stopped, I used to scream my head off. They would go from my legs to my abdomen, it was terrifying~
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Don't worry about what if's. Whether it's 97% or 90%, it's high and the likelihood of relapse after 3 months post, is very very low.

Enjoy your hep C free life !
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As you can see from the post I put up awhile back that cando was good enough to copy your chances are excellent.

Best of luck ...

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Thank you for your thoughts. All I can say about the cramps is that it seems very likely that there is a cause and effect between worsening liver disease and this horrendous muscular malady: It was clearly nocturnal, and it may have been worsened by my working out with weights which is a lifelong activity for me....No mineral supplementation that you read posted all over the internet ever mitigated the nightmarish knots either! But for today (as well as the time I was treating) the cramping has been arrested : Although my last name is "Moriarty" it does not take a "Sherlock Holmes" to discern a cause and effect...My best. d
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   True, I tried sports drinks, Emergency-C, eating bananas, but that didn't work. I was treatingit as dehydration, and also had a hard time with hot weather. I had some luck with coconut water, which supplies electrolytes in the natural form.
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If you're on low sodium, sports drinks are nixed. I too had severe leg cramps for years. They're rare now unless I'm dehydrated. Hector recommended quinine water or pills if you can tolerate them. It was weird how I was on lo-so diet and yet my sodium levels were way down on treatment and cramps were awful. Dr. said that low sodium blood is different. So many things we don't understand....  Like pooh always says, more h2o!
Karen :)
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