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How to Stop Progression of liver Cirrhosis while Non Responder

Some one please let me know!

I am 41, Male, suffering HCV With Genotype 3
Before 2 years I went Pegasys 180mcq/135mcq+ Rivabirin 1000mg daily)
My USG Showed Early changes on the liver, Coarse,Spleen Enlarged
Liver Engyme elevated upto 80

After 1 year of my therapy I went to my hepatologist

He made some tests

1.USG Showed I have Liver Cirrhosis,Spleen size reduced little bit

2. I have Esophaegal Verics-III (Done EVL)

3. My Liver Enzyme Elevated Up to 120

4. PCR Test Detected RNA & Viral Load 10X5 Log

5. Portal Hypertension

Medication I am taking Cozac 50mg, Indevar 20 mg

I never suffered Jaundice,Don't have any symptoms of Acites

Asked MY Hepatologist that Some other Hepatologists advised me to go Therapy again to stop the progression of liver Cirrhosis

And he replied their is no good result or you will not be benefited.

May I know what can I do now?

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Is it harmful or risky to try therapy again?
It depends on how advanced your cirrhosis is. From what you say you appear to still have "compensated cirrhosis". Early cirrhosis with no potentially life-threatening complications such as ascites, swelling of lower legs, vomiting blood, or hepatic encephalopathy (HE)(confusion and coma).

The real issue is what are the chances of achieving SVR? You say you were a non-responder (not a null-responder or partial-responder?). The average Genotype 3 patients have about a 40% chance of SVR when retreated with PEG-IFN alpha-2b plus weight-based ribavirin.
Your chances of SVR would be less because of your cirrhosis, but you still have a small but decent chance. Personally I would try treatment again. (I have END-Stage Liver Disease and am waiting for a transplant) You will know by 12 weeks if SVR is a possibility.
Only your doctor knows your exact health condition and so would know best if retreating seems like a good option for you. There is always a risk for patients with cirrhosis when treating. Treatment can cause a small percentage of patients livers to fail. Since you have a hepatologist they would be able to make arrangements regarding liver transplant in that worst case senario. You will need to find a hepatologist with the resources to treat you as patients with cirrhosis more commonly need "helper drugs" to get through treatment.

Of course if you are unable to rid yourself of hepatitis C it will continue to injure your liver and lead to End-Stage Liver Failure (ESLD). In time you will become sicker and sicker until you need a liver transplant to continue living. End-Stage Liver Disease is a life changing event that will affect you for the rest of your life. If I was in your shoes I would try treating again, what do you have to lose?

Not sure what your medicines are for. Heart disease? They are not for liver disease.

Best of luck to you!
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There was much discussion of this, a few years ago, when a Hepatitis Researcher (This is the name he used.  Also referred to as HR)  visited the Medhelp board.  My husband has had many improvements while waiting for another chance to treat the virus.  It did not cure cirrhosis but he stayed very stable and felt much better from taking these supplements.
One thing I would say is to avoid sweets/sugar foods and highly processed foods.  They are hard on your liver.  A lower glycemic diet is generally thought best for cirrhosis.  Adequate protein is needed, according to the latest research.  The older research indicated rationing protein but that has been proven to not be helpful, in most cases.  Better results were seen with adequate protein.  
Drinking lots of coffee has also been shown helpful and even increased SVR's when more than 4 cups were drank while on TX.  
If you read the above post, you can click on Hepatitis Researcher's name and his profile will come up which will give you access to all his posts.  
Some people are against taking supplements and some are for it.  All I can say is that it has worked well for my husband, not as a cure, but as a way to hang on while waiting for a better drug combo. for non-responders.
Best Wishes
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A note of caution: Do not take any vitamins or supplements without first informing your hepatologist. Some of these substances can be toxic to the liver when one has advanced liver disease.

Since you are seeing a hepatologist I assume he/she has informed you that taking any type of drug can be harmful to your liver. The only medicine you should take for minor pains is Tylenol (Acetaminophen). For patients with early cirrhosis (CPT class A or B) like yourself, the use of acetaminophen is safe as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded (1,000 mg per dose, repeated no more often than every 6 hours). For patients with cirrhosis, acetaminophen, when used as described, is the preferred medication for the treatment of pain.

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Greetings for you.
Thank you so much for your inspiration, and for your positive attitude.
Your reply helped me a lot to grues whats going on me.

My hepatologist never said me that you are in bad health condition he is like You are excellent! But i know i am not,i am suffering Cirrhosis that always makes me sad,depressed

Few months ago i was feeling confused in the evening and he advised me to Take Sachet Viusid 1x3 Sachet daily.

After that i was fine another few months

I have to travel for many reason than i have to see another hepatologist He Advised me to take Hepa-Merz Granules

The medicine I am taking is losartin potassium, i don't have any heart,liver problem
And Indevar for high BP

Now i am taking the chance to go on the therapy

May god bless us,and our family

Love and regards
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Good luck to you. You've got a good chance at this point. Nutrition is key. you'll find a lot of excellent advice on the archives.
Im end stage n doing tx. It's tougher for us - but w the right dr n lots of support you cam do it! Karen :)
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Last few days I was suffering Dizziness and Confusion at the evening
I went to a general physician he made my Liver Function Test (LFT)

Result followed:-

SGPT(ALY)  111
ALP             126

Then he prescribed me Sachet Hepa-Merz ( It reduce ammonia from the body)

Please let me know how is my present condition of my liver and how i can Increase serum albumin & Reduce Serum Globulin?
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II'm concerned that your hepatologist told you you are in excellent condition, and that treatment wouldn't help you. Do you think you might be able to find another hepatologist, for a second opinion at least? Someone who works with a liver transplant team would be the best choice for you, if this is an option. I was hoping that someone here might be able to recommend a good one to you, but then I noticed you are posting from Bangladesh. I don’t know if there are any other users here from that part of the world. It will be harder for us to give you good advise too, since your medications are different than what is commonly used in the US (they could be the same chemically, but different names so it’s hard to tell). If you have varices, portal hypertension and hepatic encephalopathy, it does sound like your liver may not be fully compensating anymore, and that will add to the dangers of treatment. You need to have a really good hepatologist caring for you. I hope you can get a treatment that works for you and succeed!
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